Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans


She has already had a slip up when she said former US troops could be terrorist, the most successful terrorist attact on America is taking place by her and the president.

Grognard Gunny

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I was against the formation of the HomSecDept right from the beginning. For a myriad of reasons, cost, for one, concentration of power for another. I had also considered, with the anti-terrorist legislation (which Obama promised to let sunset, remember?) enacted..... in the wrong hands, HomSecDept could be used to "harrass" political opposition to the Government in power. ("Anyone against the Government MUST be a home grown terrorist!") Further, consider this: Is/has there been anyone in the Oval Office more demonstrative of having "the wrong hands/agenda/governing style?" EVER?

Hence we get little "sound bites" from top politicos: "Returning Vets can be a source of Home grown Terrorists." "Tea Party activists are terrorists." Now we get "counter terrorist training films" depicting whites as the "prime suspects".

In and of themselves, the little "digs" mean nothing, actually laughable in many instances...... but.... you know the old dodge about repeating a lie often enough and long enough! The more logically challanged people you get to "buy into" this mind set.... the easier it becomes for the HomSecDept to become more an universal interior Police Force than a coordinating agency of a proliferation of them.

This is the thought that came to my mind when the HSD was formed. (Being of suspicious mind at the best of times.) Now I perceive that the slow but sure roadmap to internal power in being set to ink and paper, inch by inch.

There is a reason why the FBI is limited in the areas of responsibility they can scrutinize. The internal police of the Nation was supposed to be kept at the local level as much as possible. To prevent Police tyranny, especially from the Fed (Central Government..... whatever.)

Now, why do I suspect that the HSD is inching toward becoming a latter day KGB/GesTaPo? A little power here, a little witch hunt there, a change in original jurisdiction here, a change of "warrent" rules there. Each "inch" alone does not bring one to the armory of rebellion..... but when the inches start to add up to "yards" of liscence to interfere with our privacy and freedoms....... I start feeling the hair begin to stand up on the back of my neck.

Just sayin'.



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How many federal police forces do we need. In my opinion we had more than enough before Home Land Security was formed.


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The term "Terrorist" is being thrown around much like "Racist" has been... Give it time and it will no longer hold credible meaning... "Wolf" is what it will begin to sound like...

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