Better than money

Whenever someone in my family is seen by the doctor and he prescribes antibiotics, pain pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, or hard pills we are saving them in anticipation of worse times ahead. We are using home remedies to cure what ever is wrong. My sister stepped on a rusty nail and lost her leg due to this recently, but we are not going to let a little thing like that detour Gods plan.

We have all cashed in our 401k\'s. Taken the tax penalt\'s and have converted it to gold which we have buried on our property along with a wooden box containing guns and ammo, and bibles.

Our pantry contains several cases of canned beans, spanish rice, bottled spring water. and pure grain alcohol.

Soon, the Kenyon in office will show his true colors and turn on the America we love.

Money may be useless in a post fan scenario.

Barter items such as batteries, ammo in very limited quantities, food and medical supplies will come in handy.

Think about a renewable resource you have and how you may be able to exploit it to posture yourself ahead of the game in bartering.

Water. Fill up every plastic container you use. Gatarade bottles, Liter type soft drink bottles etc. Keep them stored and ready for movement. currently have a garage full of water, more than enough to keep me sustained for months. Problem is, is transporting it.



Trade your wife or GF for sex. (This is mentioned in most of the post apolyptic type books, no kidding)

Spare tools.





The problem with meat and fish is that they are perrishable also. If there is no electric you'll have take what you can eat that day and maybe the next day. You cannot haul around deer meat in your ruck for very long. It's also good bait for fishing. Small critters make more sense.

Marketable skill sets. Knife making, fire starter kits and teaching the bow and drill methid, medical or EMT type training and supplies.

This list goes on and an and on.
Question : Did they have electricity two thousand years ago ?

How did the Romans manage to 'cure' their Ham/Prosciutti, at times taking as long as two years before it was finally ready to eat.

Salt will be one of the more important commodities in a post-apocalyptic world.

Very true.

I am assuming that I'll be on the move, not in a static platform such as a house or hide out for any length of time.

I'm also not going to hang meat for curing. Animals, invaders, looters and the like. Dont need to leave tracks where otherwise putting myself in a higher risk category.

I'm thinking in the "Escape and evade" mindset.
I'm always trying to stay prepared:
I have sheep,chickens and keep the pond stocked with fish, make my own brandy, have a large garden and can what I want to save.
I do my own butchering, beef, sheep, deer.
I built a smoke house and know how to cure meat.
I have a wood burner and good stock of firewood.
I am well armed and practice a lot.
You know what they say "A Country Boy Will Survive"
For those of you who are into survival, check out the book "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson H. Kearny. It has sections in it about food, water, shelter, medicine,ect... I ordered 1 dozed copies 15 years ago for $8. a piece. (bulk rate) $12.50 single copy.
I ordered them from the "Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine" PO Box 1279 Cave Junction, Oregon 97523
I checked the web and the book is available online. It can be down loaded for free!
Trade your wife or GF for sex. (This is mentioned in most of the post apolyptic type books, no kidding)

Does your wife or GF have a say in this? What if you run into a gay zombie? Are you gonna give up the booty?
About 6 months ago I converted almost all my gold and silver into ammo, 50 pound bags of (white) rice. Brown has natural oils and will go rancid sooner white lasts almost forever, canned goods I rotate in and out of stock, and a HUGE resource is your swimming pool if you have one. Cover it immediately when it becomes a resource. Fabricate a sand/charcoal filter and shrink wrap and store it to filter the pool water. You can live weeks without food. Days without water. Minutes without air.

I have ammo that I don't even have guns for.
I vaccuum pack everthing. I dont smoke but have plenty of smokes for trade. People who smoke will trade almost anything to get some packs. I have lots of barter ammo also. Its all calibers that I don't have. Got to think of the ladies also. Store plenty of TP.I don't mind using leaves or moss but my wife won't. Always keep your vehicles full of gas. Never let it get below half tank.:pleasantry:
Tobacco seeds. I got PO'd when they raised the cigarette AND tobacco tax BOTH here two years ago and planted my own tobacco. The wife freaked out a little, all those 8 foot plants in the front yard. But I smoked it in a pipe, rolled my own stogies and still have enough hanging in the garage so I didn't have to plant any this year. Well worth two bucks for the seeds and watering the plants. Anywhere tomatoes will grow, tobacco will grow.

Antique cigar mold I got on ebay for $15. in pic.
I've been wanting tobacco seeds, where did you get them? I've been buying and vacuum sealing, flour, corn meal, baking power, baking soda, lots of salt, grits, coffee, rice in 20# bags all kind of stuff. Been storing items in new galv garbage cans. Bought a book on building a smoke house for smoking fish, bacon what ever. Bought a picture pump to put in a shallow well. Gold could be worthless over night.
Banjo you can find them here. How To Grow Tobacco

wooddoc I never thought of that. I've been telling the local guys (if u know what I mean) we all need to have CB's for when everything else is shut down. But I never gave a thought to that pulse thing happening.

Now I want to know. I was under the impression it only created a surge in systems which were functioning at the time, but that's just an assumption.
Anybody have any Ideals about shielding communication devises from EMP. I was thinking maybe wrapping walkie talkies and a radio with lead. If they blast a nuclear bomb over a city everything will shut down cars, power electricity, etc.

Good thread guys, it could become a reallity since we will no longer be the Big dog.

I own about 40 antique tube radios, which are not affected by EMPs. :biggrin:
I ordered tobacco seed yesterday Virginia Gold. I will will plant it with my tomato's in March. Will have to plant seeds in January. Hydrophonic garden in 4" PVC pipe 100' total.
Not to derail the radio theme. But it just came to mind that UNLIKE the paper money (Federal Reserve Notes) which will be good for toilet paper and fire starting, COINS are not issued by the FR but by our government mint. I suspect they will still hold some value, so I'm keeping a few hundred pounds of them on hand.
OldOwl I've been reading info on that site "how to grow tobacco" and have tried to register with no success, Is this still a good site. I did order tobacco on ebay.
Doesn't matter, if a currency crashes, it becomes junk, coins or bills. However the scrap metal value of coins will always exist, that's the only diffrence.

Iceman……......G5…… sorry….. What it boils down to is the survival of the fittest. When the (Sierra Hotel Tango Foxtrot), it will be about the survival of the strong and weak. That’s how Mother Nature intended it to be.
Gold and silver have always had value. They do go up and down but they have never been zero. I have been in stores that you can go into today and pay for your purchases in gold dust. U.S. dimes, quarters, and silver dollars minted in 1964 and before are 90% silver. These are referred to as "junk silver". Their advantage is that they are recognized by everyone, weight and purity is accepted, and coins are hard to forge and generally not worth the effort. Also if you try to order equipment to strike a coin of the same diameter as a U.S. coin you will be turned down. You might even expect a knock at the door. Another advantage to having some old dimes and quarters is that you are not likely to get any change if you are trading gold or silver for goods.

In 1965 they started minting the copper wafer coins with a small amount of silver on the front and back so they would still work in coin op machines. Their melt value is far less. They are easily recognized by the copper stripe around the edge. That old jar of coins that Grandma had since before you can remember might be worth a bunch.

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