Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy

How about the discreate hip pouch from desantis? Link Removed It's designed to not look like a fanny pack.

The Discreet Pack is kewl... if you like that engineer-with-a-calculator-on-his-belt thing. I think it's nearly as big a giveaway as the maxpedition gunslinger packs are. Who would ever carry something like that on their belt for any reason *other* than to carry a gun?:smile:

Regardless of your build or your habitual clothing style, one of the edicts of concealed carry is that you must dress around the gun.

The holster style and your IWB/OWB/Strong-side/Cross-draw preferences all come into play, but the bottom line is that you have to adjust.

If you're accustomed to wearing a medium shirt, you may need to go to large or even x-large to accommodate. Changing the size of the gun can make a difference, but if you insist on wearing skin tight clothing, you'll never conceal well.

I opted for IWB carry of a Springfield XD40 Service model. Not a tiny gun by any stretch, but easily concealable. And I changed my style a bit from always trim and tucked in to slightly baggy and untucked. In cooler weather I wear one of several vests that make sense for the weather.

OP mentioned western style wear. That's okay, but it really limits your options in some areas and opens your options in others. Cool weather and the vests come into play. Warmer weather, that may be problematic. Maybe try a guayabera style shirt with the straight hem that can be worn untucked.

If that's not an option, you may have to go to an ankle holster, but they don't work well with cowboy boots.:yu:

From what he said about his work, he doesn't have the option to dress around his gun, due to safety reasons. I know what he means.

His best bet would be to put a Kel-Tec PF9 in his backpocket. If it "prints", so be it. The cows and Bulls can't talk, so they won't tell anybody. LOL!
The Discreet Pack is kewl... if you like that engineer-with-a-calculator-on-his-belt thing. I think it's nearly as big a giveaway as the maxpedition gunslinger packs are. Who would ever carry something like that on their belt for any reason *other* than to carry a gun?:smile:

DISCREET??????????? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That thing is about as discreet as an atom bomb. It's huge!! But I'll have to admit, the last thing I'd expect anybody to have in there would be a pistol.
I often carry when I can't allow carry to change my clothing.
Consider pocket carry-
I hate stuff in my pockets, but what an easy compromise to live with considering alternatives.
Kahr PM9 & PM40, the little 380s (Diamondback, Taurus, Ruger, Kel-Tec, etc.), lightweight 38 snubbies... lots of choices that can work with pocket carry. Pocket carry only with a holster, BTW.
On the same note as several others have mentioned, I use a belly band holster sometimes when I run. I only use it for short durations because it becomes very uncomfortable due to moisture quickly (and ditto the wet gun).
I have a Diamondback 380 that is about the weight and size of a Blackberry. I've pocket carried at the beach in board shorts. The little gun has sights you can actually see, and will out-shoot me (which doesn't really say much).
I'm about as tall as you are and a bit lighter, so I understand the need of trying to find a holster that fits a slender body build.

I wear a velcro-type belly-band (like the one you see called defender holster on Gun Concealment holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster or the NRA belly holster on Link Removed).

I've had this type of holster for years and it has served me well by hugging my gun closely--attached to me, rather than to my belt or my clothes. It conceals my gun well under my clothes and I adjust it to allow for cross draw. I've worn it under dress pants, dresses, jeans, and cargo shorts. Shirts are sometimes tucked in. (Some of my friends can even wear this holster with shorts and a shirt over which makes it easy for summer time.)

There are variations of this type of belly band holsters and some do have a leather panel on the band to give more reinforcement. I removed the thumb break off mine for ease of drawing--I have no need for the thumb break since this holster is under my clothes anyway and the elastic hugs my gun closely to my body. I haven't had any issue with the gun shifting or moving out. It is comfortable for me--I wear it with my gun for more than 12 hours per day and go every where.

Good luck with your search for a holster that fits you.

- Ceicei

This is my preferred method as well...and I agree that you should try several manufacturers as all are just a little different. Not only do they do a good job of securing your weapon, but they provide magazine storage as well. I do wear an armless compression shirt underneath to help wick moisture away from gun, but that's just me.
Hi Surfcc.

I am a lot larger but still had the same problem. I solved it by buying a S&W model 60 which fits into my back pocket on either jeans or dress slack. You do have to "add to or double up on the material" in most dress slacks to get more wear but it definitely solved the problem> for over 30 years no one has caught on.

The Crossbreed line of IWB holsters looks comfortable. HOWEVER, for a small guy that doesn't wear oversized jeans or shirts and who doesn't have a "potbelly" to help hide the gun, I can't see it would work for me...unfortunately

Hey check this video out. This girl definetely does not have a potbelly, and she's wearing the fitted white shirt, and not printing. There's proof you don't need to be fat to conceal, haha. Plus it's just fun to watch. Check out some of her other videos too, very nice.

YouTube - female review - Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster
I'm the same size. Same exact problem. I've worn boots and jeans (that actually fit) my whole life, for much the same reasons. So just changing my wardrobe to start carrying is expensive, strange, and also close to impossible. So it's easy around the ranch to just open carry. And when I go into town put on a vest or loose fitting overshirt. With an IWB positioned at 4:30 - 5 o'clock with a cant i can easily hide a full sized 1911 without a lot of bulk. But the for hot weather, pocket pistol just behind the bandana I keep in my back pocket along with my money clip being the outmost piece. It's plenty to disfigure the shape of my little "mousegun". Also a bellyband over the shirt under the pants around the waistline is effective with a small-medium sized gun, using your belt buckle ( i use my rodeo one mostly) to help hide the gun. Other than that if i know i'm going out I may wear some different close. My sisters got me a pair of designer jeans for christmas a while back. So now they know when we are out and i'm wearing those jeans we are "prepared". Best christmas present for all 3 of us yet.

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