Best of the old .22's to p/u?


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I have an old 22 I've had forever. Its tube fed & has started jamming up. What's a good, old one to keep the squirrels out of my pecan trees? I old - should I consider a .410? I would get the one fixed I have but we don't have any gunsmith here in the hood of SW Georgia. Give me some input please folks.

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A Ruger® 10/22® will be a good one to have. But any .22 rifle you get today will be fine for what you to do. The only problem I see you having is not having a gunsmith. So the Ruger® 10/22® will be a good choice for you since you can order parts for it online and find how to videos and books for repairing it.


IM guessing you do not want to buy a new rifle to keep down the pests.. sound like you have a tube feed gallery 22... most of those tubes are brass, and it may have picked up a couple of burrs. you can use the tube follower with a piece of emery paper to clear any burrs from the feed tube.. I don't think you want to shoot up your pecan trees with shotgun lead... unless you are looking for an excuse to buy a new gun.. just offering my opinion.. another option would be a air rifle.. 1700 fps. 300 pellets, 8 dollars.. cheap quiet and fun..
Good luck with the tree rats.

here is a brand new 22 with a scope and free shipping for under 160 dollars
Savage 64 64FXP Semi-Auto .22 LR Sythetic with Scope

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