Best concealed position

Best concealed position? Behind something. :blink:

What scares me is how this thread was even started.
What would that person do if there was a study that said 3:30 is the best position, would they only look at doing that position, because who did the study and how many people would have been in it.
If there were 1000 people in that study I guarantee you it was not the best for all 1000. Even if it was good for 999 you might be that one.
After I gave thought to what might work for me and purchased my holster I found a video on YouTube for almost the exact thing and I will tag that with my previous comment on this thread.
If there is anything I have learned from Illinois changing its law is that I can’t get enough good information, this is going to get very expensive and if you go cheap you might hurt somebody you love or at least somebody shouldn’t hurt.

You are right, but let me explain why I asked the question.
I bought my first and only (so far) gun a couple months ago. I then dove head first into getting as much info as possible from as many "experts" (experienced) as I could. I have to wait another 6-7 weeks before I get my CWP, so I have time to practice.
I would be a fool to ignore what others have found to be successful and an advantage in drawing and shooting. Do I take everything I read as the only option? no, but it is all helpful.
For example, I asked about cleaners and lube for my gun, and I got a lot of pro and con of different kinds. Then I went to another forum that is gun maker specific and asked the same thing, and I heard one CLP only. Luckily, the more popular one on this forum was the same.
Back to this topic. I am very analytical, and if there is a proven position or method then I will start with that. If my tractor tire around my waist causes problems, or I find another position is better, then I will experiment. Bottom line, this is a starting point, not the one and only.
Thank you for your comments, and for explaining your point.
For a slightly more in depth reply...

The tools Uncle Sam gave me was that of Range Safety and being able to go to a Range and practice on my own safely and securely without endangering others. I didn't say it, but I had a particular class in mind, that class being the 4 day aforementioned Front Sight class across the country from me entailing something in the neighborhood of a 560 dollar round trip plane ticket to Las Vegas, NV and a $300 car rental, as well as when I looked into it the lodgings and meals to go with it. Then the Privilege of taking that class is $2,000 and it does NOT include the 600 rounds of ammunition I need to purchase. So, no thank you. I WILL NOT pay something in the neighborhood of $4-5k for a 4 day class.

When I can afford some of that $5k, I think I'd rather just do one of two things... Buy 5 acres of land and put up my own range to shoot on, or even better and cheaper, Buy another Glock, put in the Laser Adapter System, and set up a Range in my Basement and shoot to my hearts content daily... Then I can practice those 50k draws and develop my muscle memory, safely and securely...

Now... I have no problem taking a local NRA class for a more reasonable amount, but since when I reviewed SEVERAL state laws saw they waived military, saw no reason to. Add to that, I do additional Range Qualifications for my State DOC Career (who I also consider Uncle Sam), although admittedly not with a handgun, I still saw no reason NOT to pay additional funds.

As for my feeling that 4 days is not enough... My Instructors from Good Old Uncle Sam were always wanting to tell me "Private, It takes 3-5 thousand repetitions for you to remember it.... Do it Again!" Or at least that's a politer variation of what they said... And there's an Link Removed that says to truly master something, you need 40 and 50 thousand repetitions to TRULY master a move... Is 4 days enough time to do 5,000 draws let alone 50,000 draws so that you can draw and fire without thinking?

Additionally, I tried the 11:00 Cross draw, the 2:00 Appendix Carry, the 3:00 Hip Carry before I settled on the 4:00 myself and began my Practice Practice Practice. But what it sounded like to me from your post was you were saying you felt All Carries should be done and practiced and were ridiculing those of us who have chosen one carry... And just because the man pulled up his shirt to show you his gun in his picture you went on about how it wasn't even concealed... It was obvious from the way the rest of the shirt was down that he kept it down over the gun normally.

Now.... As for my comment in another thread. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that Illinois finally took a step in the right direction, but it's a BABY step. Your law makers have their heads so far up their fourth point of contact it is ridiculous! You can't carry your weapons on Public Transportation or in a Park? Get real... That's where you need them the most. The Bad Guy isn't going to care if it's against the law for him to carry there, and that's where most of your victimization goes on. They'd think twice if they didn't know which honest Joe or Jane had had a gun and could defend themselves. And the thing I was really getting at in my post, YOUR lawmakers have chosen NOT to reciprocate with ANY state. That's right... NO OTHER STATE can carry in Illinois. I'd be more accepting of Indiana not being able to carry in Illinois if Illinois at least reciprocated with other states that had picture permits and required their permit holders to take Gun Safety/Defense classes, BUT THEY DON'T. Then at least I'd be angry with my own lawmakers for not passing Bill 0555 last year which would have required Indiana take those Gun Safety / Defense classes (Simple NRA classes actually) and put a picture on our Permits... In short, my real thought behind having no other state reciprocate with Illinois is to show Illinois they are being Idiots in not Reciprocating and get them to CHANGE THEIR LAW. AND YOU, should be yelling for them TO CHANGE THE LAW about where you can carry!

Steon, please read this slowly so you might understand.
I never condemned anyone for always carrying in one spot.
If you can and that works for you, great, that would be best.
A 4 day class I am sure was not just devoted to practicing drawing from a 3 - 4 o- clock position but maybe it was.
My thinking is that when in class you should be asked what position you feel most comfortable with and what position you plan to use most often and then train on it in class and when out of class train on it and all other positions.
My reply was to a post placed by an instructor that went to a class and did not even say you should go with what you feel comfortable with.
Maybe he did not mean it the way it was stated, but all he said was they only did the one position and you should stay with that position.
I also do not believe what you say to be true for everyone that 4 days is not enough for memory because everyone different.
I am a maintenance manager and we have a conveyor system that has many robots and other equipment on it and there is an emergency pull cord that runs the entire length and there are employees that have been on that line for 15 years and have never been capable of pulling that cord when needed and I have saw guys on the line for 2 days and pulled the cord immediately.
Also no one should rely on muscle memory alone because they will shoot when they should not.
You say Uncle Sam trained you and you can do it on your own now, WOW! they would have trained you for war and if you think you don't need others help anymore, WOW!

I spent 16 hours in class for my CCW permit with ex military and people who hunted all their lives and I had only purchased my pistol 1 week prior and hadn't even shot it yet and I shot better and knew more than all but one person. Had only shot my friends guns 2 weeks prior.

Am I 14, NO! But by your comment to the thread I started asking about Wisconsin accepting Illinois permit and you saying nobody should accept Illinois permits because Illinois doesn't accept them I think I know you!
You are that little boy that always took his ball and went crying home to mommy!
I'm not aware of any scientific, peer reviewed, studies that tested numerous individuals to find the optimal concealed carry position. In any event, it probably wouldn't matter, because body shape, size, handgun and numerous other factors could make it all irrelevant for you and your situation. Unfortunately, selecting the holster and position boils down to 'if first you don't succeed, try, try and try again'. That's why we all joke about the box of failed hopes and dreams, err, I mean holsters we never use.
I will say this, law enforcement did put some thought into how to best angle the pistol, hence the 'FBI cant'. This just might be the one universal truth for concealed carry, all my holsters are set up for an aggressive forward angle because it helps with grabbing the gun and with drawing it from the holster.
I will say this, law enforcement did put some thought into how to best angle the pistol, hence the 'FBI cant'. This just might be the one universal truth for concealed carry, all my holsters are set up for an aggressive forward angle because it helps with grabbing the gun and with drawing it from the holster.

I'm 5' 11" 220# with a bit of a spare tire.... Told I carry my weight well....

I currently use a Galco King Tuk at my 3:30 - 4:00 with my Glock 30.

I'm thinking about swapping to an Alien Gear Holster for just this reason, so I can angle it better to more of a forward angle. I've actually ordered one for the Beretta Nano I just purchased.
I carry at 1:30 straight up. But I have been experimenting using my Sticky Holster (Not my regular carry holster) at 2:00 with a slight cant forward. Boy does my SR40C conceal well there.
Like everyone else probably, I've tried all the positions. I settled at 3 o'clock, with a good forward cant. IWB or OWB.

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