Best belt?

I really like my Wilderness Instructor 5 stitch belt. Works very well and is a bit more comfy than leather, imo. You can micro adjust it because it uses velcro instead of holes for adjustment. It might not be the best choice if you wear your shirts tucked though.

I have been wearing a Blackhawk CQB Belt for Years and Years. I love it ! The Double back Velcro works great when you eat to much.......:biggrin:
ten dollar belts

I buy my belts from the local feed store. I look for the thickest leather I can find; something that won't roll together when I try to flex it between my thumb and index finger. Next I normally try to find the tallest belt that will fit in my holster. Last I look for a good sturdy buckle.
I use GI issue nylon riggers belts. They're stiff enough to carry a G21 or a K-frame S&W without rolling over and comfortable enough to wear all day every day. The bonus is if you have access to purchase these on base or from AAFES, they only cost about $8.
I have always used a run-of-the-mill belt, and learned recently it was bad for my holster and belt. I recently got a canvas belt from 5.11. I love it. I got it from Shooters Vault. I highly suggest them. They are built for carrying a pistol. Link Removed
I'm tellin ya ! If you guy's wear alot of khaki or Olive Drab cargos you'll love the SOE Gear riggers belt. For that matter even black or camo.

It will be the best $40 you'll spend in a long time. Order a two inch increase in your actual belt size. You'll want enough room to have the belt over too your 3 O'clock side. Like in the photo on the link provided. I've actually used the belt link provided to rapell from a UH-60. With a figure eight ring of course.

HERE: Link Removed

I checked the website out. The sizes listed do not cover my full figure needs so I sent an email yesterday asking if they could upsize one for me. I expected to see an answer some time this week, but was shocked to find an answer this morning. We are passing emails trying to figure out exactly what I need and the cost of the larger belt.

How wide are these belts?
I have used a Galco for years as a dress belt, but for every day use I use an IHL, International Handgun Laether located in Phoenix, Arizona
I go to a tack shop and have them make me one out of the heaviest leather the can get. If the tack shop you find is a harness maker then you get great stuff for a lower price than going to a big name holster maker. My current belt I just got about 5 months ago the one before that though had been around for 15 years.
I looked the Amish belts over, and noticed they are constructed from a single piece of leather. Is that true? If so, isn't two pieces joined together with grains in opposite directions said to be a stronger, longer lasting construction? I dunno.

The Belt Man's belts look like a very good choice to me.
Try Gun Belts by The Belt Man

Excellent gun belts.. Works fine dressy and casual. I have black and brown 1.5 inch Bullhide. He also sells stiffer horsehide and stiffners if you want them..excellent CS as well

Yep! The Beltman makes excellent belts. Custom made and takes about 30 days to receive, but well worth it. Make sure you exactly follow the measuring instructions, as it is different than I would have thought. Also very fond of my Instructors Web Belt. Can adjust it exactly the way you want it.
Ditto on the Beltman belts, mine came in yesterday. Amazing quality and noticed a difference as soon as I put it on.
I have an Aker B21 belt and it's really good quality for not so much $$:
Aker International, Inc.

And I also have a Spec-Ops Better BDU belt for less dressy situations, plus I like the infinite adjustability:
Link Removed
Contact info

I don't think this will help, but a local LEO/Uniform store sells hand made Horse hide belts made by a group of Amish in Indiana. About $35 ... 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 wide by 3/16 thick. OH BOY are they nice. Next time I'm down there I'll get a business card for mailing/shipping. Maybe they can ship one.

Do you have contact #. Would like to see if they will ship to FL. Semper Fi Devil Dog

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