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I was looking for a CCW pistol the other day and I stumbled upon a Bersa Thunder 380. I was not to familar with this brand so I did a little research and it had nothing but good reviews.So I went back to the store and bought it. I shot it the next day and I fired 6 rounds through it and I wanted to try the double action trigger pull so I decocked it and pulled the trigger and CLICK . I wasn't sure what happend so I waited in case it had struck the primer and was still capable of firing. I unloaded it and checked the D/A pull and when you pull the trigger it brings the hammer back to half cock and release's it, Not enough pressure to set off the primer. This happends about 90 % of the time now. I contacted eagle imports( the makers of bersa, firestorm ) and they said to send it to one of their repair shops free of charge. I was also told not to ship it with postal service because they could confiscated it if they found out what it was! I went to 2 different UPS stores and when they asked what it was ( Being the law abiding citizen that I am ,I told them ) and they Freaked Out ! He asked what was in the box, I said a firearm being sent for repair, and his face turned pale and he said OH MY GOD THERE IS A GUN IN THERE. I was told at both stores that they won't ship it, So I have no Idea how I will get it to them now :cray: Does anyone out there have a bersa and have you ever had problems with it ?

I have never needed to ship so someone may have better advice but how about going through the store where you bought it? I have shot hundreds of rounds through my bersa 380 and no problems.
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You have to ship it UPS or FedEx. Don't take it to a UPS store because most of them don't know that they can ship it and are more expensive than going directly through the shipper. I've heard that FedEX is cheaper than UPS.

UPS: Shipping Firearms

Freight Terms and Conditions - General Terms and Conditions at

+1! Stay away from the UPS stores. I had one freak out on me also so I just took to it straight to UPS and had no issues.

Also, I know several people that carry a Bersa and all have good things to say about it. I'm sure after you get it fixed up it'll be a good gun for you.
Bersa Thunder .380


I have 2 Bersa Thunders in .380 - one stainless and the other blued. Both shoot very well and I have never had a lick of trouble with either. These were my carry pieces for years because of their size, accuracy and relatively low cost. I also have a Walther PPK and a Sig p232 which are about the same size. I can always put a much better group together with the Bersa than the Walther and while the Sig matches out the accuracy - at over twice the price it was expensive enough that real carry seemed an expensively big risk. I still like the Bersa Thunder, however, I have switched my carry pieces to a Para-Carry - Light Double Action (only) and have one in 9mm and .45acp. Both are not much bigger than the Bersa and have a great deal more stopping power. Bought the 9mm not sure I would like the LDA as most double actions require enough finger pull to take you off target. I loved it! It is the smoothest trigger action I have ever felt - out of the box!! And, as these are carry pieces I like the longer action giving you more time to think about your target than a quick response single action - hence time to see the target and what is behind the target in that shoot / don't shoot practice scenario. Try one of the Para-Carry series if you get the chance. And, yes send in the Thunder for repair as you will want to do that even if later you move to a different pistol.

As to shipping I have used both UPS and USPS. Most Dealers, like those on GunBroker uses USPS. But I have learned a few things by nearly getting burned –Don’t use USPS unless you pay for tracking, with UPS it is standard but not with USPS as you have to ask for it and it is an up cost. Over the years I almost lost an expensive rifle and one pistol because the shipper failed to pay for tracking. My bet is being clearly marked firearms they were set aside by some one in the USPS to see if there would be any heat if they went missing. I used the same trick on both and suddenly they magically appeared – I told the shipper to go talk with the postmaster where they sent it from and tell them the issue was about to be turned over to the ATF as theft of a firearm in interstate transfer. It worked. But, I have never had any problem if there is tracking. And, the other responder is right – if you use UPS, go to them not one of those UPS packaging stores. Even if they don’t freak out, why let anyone have the chance to play the blame game if a gun goes missing.

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I really like the pistol, It feels very solidly built and well made . I know that as soon as they take a look at it the gun will be fine. I just got a direct shipping tag from the gunsmith and I will have the UPS driver pick it up at my house so I hope that works ! Now my only problem is the repair shop is closed for 4th of july :laugh:
I've had many Bersas come through my CWP classes and have had very few problems with them. If they're kept clean and well lubed, they are extremely reliable for a moderately-priced handgun. The only serious issue I had was a squib, but that wasn't not the fault of the firearm. They seem to be very accurate as well.

Good luck with the repairs. Let us know how it turns out.
i have a bers 380 and it is surprisingly accurate at medium range i do like it but it does jam wuite a bit especially if shot quickly but i havent had the problem you are having.. And as for the postage of the firearm you can pay a Gun Dealer they will be able to send it and recieve it back so id just go up to a local gun shop and ask them.:pleasantry:

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