Bersa Firestorm .380


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I just purchased a Bersa Firestorm .380. I've been researching the best and most reliable defense ammo for this firearm specifically. I've asked others on a couple of different forums, but I mostly get opinions from people who don't own a Bersa, or don't even own a .380. I'd like to address my question here for Bersa Thunder or Bersa Firestorm .380: What defense ammo do you use in your firearm, and how happy are you with its performance? Thank you


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I like/use Precision One 90 gr HP/XTP ammo in my FEG AP9 .380 ! Never had a problem with it loading but I don't know how the Bersa handles hollow points. I looked at the Bersa because I wanted a .380 that held more that 8 rounds but didn't like the feel of it and the shorter barrel. I prefer a 4" barrel for a .380. The Precision One ammo has great penetration and expansion. Do a google search on .380 ammo tests and look at the Shooting the Bull video.


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Break it in with a few hundred rounds of target ammo. Get whatever HD ammo you can afford. It doesn't matter what XYZ ammo you get, shot placement is what's important.


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I have used speer gold dot ammo, as well as Remington fmj ammo. My only problems have been some failure to ejects with a promag magazine.

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