Beretta Storm?


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Does anyone own or had the chance to shoot one of these guns? My neighbor has one and wants to unload it for some cash to pay some bills. Looks like a fun gun but have not had the chance to shoot it. Thinking about taking it off his hands. Any feeback or known problems with the cx4?

I've had one for about a year and a half....take a look at my avatar.


The thing is a blast to shoot. The only "problem" is that it gets a little boring to keep putting holes inside of holes. The thing is a tack driver.
I own the PX4 which is the handgun brother to the CX4 and it is one of the best I have ever shot. I've put almost a 1,000 rounds through it and only had 3 FTE's all of which were my fault and with the CX4 you shouldn't have to worry about that. If you keep it well oiled which goes for Beretta in general you won't be disappointed. I say buy it if you can. I certainly would if I was in the market for a rifle.
Thanks for the info guys. I agree it looks like a fun gun. This one is 40 cal. which is good because I have two glocks chambered in 40. I already have several rifles including an AR-15 but this is such a good price. Plus I would be helping out a buddy too, thats what I told the wifey but between us guys, I just want another gun :biggrin:
I've been wanting a carbine for a while and the cx4 storm is what I decided on.. unfortunately I don't have the funds right now to justify paying so much for a new one.. and have not come across any used one's for a decent price. if I were in your shoes I would buy it for sure.

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