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We are shortly returning to the US from Peru for about 6 months and I have seen several things that concern me and I want to be better prepared for.

Since we arrived here in August (we were in Mexico City for two months previous) there have been several earthquakes registering from 4.4 to 6.8 on the Richter Scale. We have had the at various times of the day.

There are two problems I have noticed:

1) Because of the frequency of them and because they are usually very deep the people do not get concerned and are lackadaisical about them.

2) When we have to clear the apartments everybody only has their clothes on and have brought nothing outside with them.

I spoke to someone about this and they told me the reason is, they feel that if it was anything major they would be alright because the government or somebody else would help them. I wanted to ask them if they were new to South America. "The Government help?"

When I come back I am going to buy a 72-hour Emergency kit for 4 people.
ULTIMATE Ready Evac Kit - 4 PERSON. There are only three of us now in my family as my daughter is back in the US going to college. So this gives me enough + 1.

When I was talking about this another American (who has nothing currently in place) he told me what I should do is get bags of rice, gallons of water, bags of flour, bags of beans and so forth.

I tried explaining to them that this was a bug out bag of emergency supplies in case a strong enough earthquake and all the building start coming down like they did in Haiti I have enough portable supplies until the Marines can get us out.

It was a difficult conversation because they couldn't understand there may be no water to cook with or sources of heat for cooking should a major catastrophe hit. I told them I agreed with having a container of bulk food and medicine available and that is part 2 of our plan.

Plus as I told them once this city of 9,000,000+ people found out that "their government" is in no position to help, trying to protect a container of food against a hungry mob will become a difficult if not impossible task.

BH88, we can't save everybody. Take care of you and your family first. If others want to stick their heads in the sand, so be it.

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