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I was thinking of looking into becoming an instructor after I get to Florida. I think I would be fun to give classes and a great addition to what I do. I haven't had time to really look into it but can anyone give the first steps in becoming one? I was thinking I'd start out taking some of the NRA courses?

I have also thought I would enjoy it. I have not looked any further than the TN wibe site. I think (not sure) that in TN the NRA course is suffecient to qualify for an instructor. I know you also have to have a range to use. Let us know if you do it.
Be sure to check out your state's NRA affiliate, Perhaps you can track down a training counselor through them.

Our association ( just recently hosted a bunch of instructor courses. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw from the course due to a last minute problem.
I'm thinking of a career change myself Luke. I figure if 1 of my 2 obsessions has gotten me through the first 15 years of my career then maybe my second obsession can get me a few more. When you find some info I may join up with you.

Always looking for new business partners and adventures. I think actively recruiting our community into the CCW lifestyle will ALWAYS benefit our cause. I'm always into informing people I know about why I carry and why they should too.

People who carry guns have a tenancy to be a little more pro-gun anyways. And we VOTE!
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Find a training counselor...

First thing you need to do is find an NRA training counselor. If you want to teach the UT class, you must take a UT BCI class in addition to being an NRA certified instructor. UT BCI changed that requirement last summer. You must travel to Utah for that. Since I go up there anyway, it's no big deal for me to recert with UT BCI every three years. Quite a few out of State UT instructors are not renewing because of that requirement.

Usually the lowest grade of NRA instructor you must obtain to become a CCW instructor is NRA Personal Protection inside the Home.

Florida just requires you to be a certified instructor. If all you want to do is teach a Florida accepted CCW class being an NRA certified instructor will work.

Several States also require that not only you be an NRA certified instructor, but you also must conduct classes for their respective CCW within the State of issuance and be registered as an instructor with the AG, County Sheriff or State Police/DPS. Some of them such as AZ have a special instructor class you must take in addition to being registered with them as instructor.
Becoming a NRA instructor

To become a NRA Instructor you need a Training Counselor, Like me. Feel Free to Email Me and I will be glad to explain all you need to do. I am located in Ohio. I have 8 NRA Certifications that I can teach. Larry Email [email protected]

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