Be prepaired to get mad!

Sorry, I'm speechless! As far as being graphic, I've seen a lot worse. Just a little blood from his head. Where are those hand Grenades when you need them??
Don't think "mad" is an appropriate word. :mad: In this case, the word "pissed" is more fitting. So much for "Protect and Serve" by the local PD. Was it easier to remove one AMERICAN exercising his RIGHT to freedom of speech, than would be to deal with the huge illegal mob?

I can forsee charges of "inciting a riot". A good civil rights attorney should be able to make the charges go away. As for the head wound, possibly some brutality charges against the arresting officers along with civil right violation charges.

Hope the responsible parties get what they have coming.

What are we doing to this Country? I feel like I'm gonna throw up now. Not of anger but out of fear that this is what we are coming to.
This dosen't surprise me a bit. The Peoples Republic of King County has been able to control the politics in the state of Wa. for many years now. I live in a much more conservative part of the state NE corner. This is something I would expect from them and also most the state of California. I can only guess it is something in the ocean the closer you get to it the more they are like this.
What happened to the country our founding fathers fought for? It has been highjacked and replaced with a New World Order. For those of you that believe in prayer if you have not already done so now would be a good time to start. God help us.

to the people's republic of amerika. the nation is slowly but surely turning into a commie socialist country. the frog analogy, i think comes to bear here. also, a old LEO proverb is coming into play. it i my new mantra...again. it is this: somebody somewhere is training to kill you. what are you doing?:eek:
When I posted this on another gun forum in the off topics section they pulled it for review, which is a polite way of saying ""Hot potato" we don't want it."

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