Barber Motorsports Museum and vintage Motorcycle rally


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Just started researching riding my bike from NC. NC CCW in hand, I know I can ride through the state, but does anyone know whether I can legally carry according to the state during the event, and in the Museum?

I will follow up with the museum curator once I understand the rules a little better. The rules on the state website are confusing at best, and force you to guess half the time without consulting an attorney. haha

I realize you guys aren't all lawyers, but you do have experience with this.

Thanks in advance!

I am not a lawyer, but this is what I would do. The ride through NC you are fine, as you know. I have been to the museum a few years ago, but can't remember if they charge admission or not. I think you really need to look at Alabama's CCW website information. They may honor our permit, but have different laws as to when and where you can carry it. This PDF might help you out.
wow, most of that is as clear as mud. Some of it a little clearer. Thanks for the link.
They do charge admission for the rally. Meaning I have to buy a ticket it to get in, but I didn't see anything in the linked PDF about that.

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