Banned Products list. Not just Assault Weapons

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I found this at Cheaperthandirt What a list of banned products. You'll be surprised at some of the items that are banned.

Here is an example:

Aurora, IL
Charleston, SC
Chicago, IL
Dover, DE
Duluth, MN
Falls Church, VA
Knoxville, TN
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Salt Lake City, UT
St. Augustine, FL
St. Louis, MO
Wilmington, DE

Even in my gun pro state, SC we have Charleston banning a couple of items one being slingshots...

Many of the products we sell are legal to own in all areas, however some of the states, cities, counties, and towns have restricted the sale of some of our products like ammunition, knives, magazines, etc. We do our best to honor the individual restrictions based on the billing and shipping zip code provided when the orders are placed. If we have a product listed as being restricted within your billing or shipping area, we will remove that item from your order. It is the responsibility of the purchaser, you, to check your local laws before ordering products from Cheaper Than Dirt. If you find these restrictions objectionable, please contact your local congressman or governor.

I can't believe people in Knoxville, TN aren't allowed to purchase a slingshot. I wonder if they can make one like my Dad made me when I was a kid?
Where did Dennis the Menace live? Was he a criminal?
I can't believe anyone would outlaw slingshots. Goliath's family should press charges on King David.
Surplus fuel cans?! WTF?! Is that law actually enforced? Do most LEOs even know that anyone found to be in possession of excess fuel cans is a heartened criminal:police:? What is the penalty for those menaces to society who are found to be in possession of excess fuel cans?:wink:
our tax dollars at work... nevermind that reefer, coke, crack, meth, smack, X, underage drinking, shoplifting, speeding, parking more than 18" off the curb, etc. is illegal in most places. better not get busted with a red rider in st. A.:police:
Black powder guns:
New Jersey
New York City, NY
Rhode Island
Wilmington, DE

No Black powder guns in Tennessee??? Good thing the Beverly Hillbillies still aren't on, they'd have to arrest Jed for the intro.:eek:

Seriously, this is death by a thousand cuts. You keep making small additions to the list and few even realize what is happening.

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