Ban of Firearms on Fremont Street Experience


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It's been a long time since I've been on this Forum. I hope everyone has been well.

I was down at the Fremont Street Experience this past weekend. Friday Night was “First Friday.” The Police had blocked off all of the entrances to the FSE, and were checking IDs (no minors allowed), opening purses and inspecting the contents, and wanding people.

There was a sign saying (among other things) “no firearms.”

This is not the usual state of affairs here, it was a special "First Friday" effort by Metro.

I don’t think this is legal. Although the FSE is some kind of public-private cooperative venture, the street is still public property (as best as I can determine), and I do not think that the government is allowed to ban firearms from public parks. I know that they can ban firearms from public BUILDINGS with metal detectors or signs at each entrance (NRS 202.3673), but the FSE is NOT a BUILDING.

I am aware that Clark County claims that its County Ordinance prohibiting possession of firearms in County parks is "grandfathered" in and is valid. But the FSE would be a CITY park, not a COUNTY park.

It seems to me that this was a completely illegal ban. Does anyone have any thoughts? Am I missing something?

We were just informed that Nev. no longer recognizes Mi. CPL's.

Sounds like your state is swirling in the toilet.
I just took a concealed class last month they said when you are on a public street they used driving on the street. If they gave example if you are driving by a school where there is a no firearms with in say 500 feet. You still have the right to have your gun in your car. When it come to public places I saw a sign at a bank said no fire arms but at another bank there was no sign. They say if there is a sign then you should not bring your concealed firearm into the business. When it come to Fremont Street is interesting question seem to be public street to me. My friend did have his gun when we entered the bank that did not have the sign. He is a ex police officer maybe a exception.
Signs do not carry the weight of the law in Nevada. If somehow you are seen carrying, (if concealed how) and you are asked to leave, and don't comply. You then can be charged with trespassing!
Trespassing on a public street?

Yeah but, is Fremont street really a public street anymore though, since they've long had that canopy tv screen thing there that's now basically like an outdoor show? When I was there many years ago checking that thing out, they even had it blocked off from traffic entry. Seems to me that this is legit.... well, it isn't, but you know what I mean.
It's the original Fremont Street in Vegas where the famous Lady Luck casino, Golden Nugget casino is, among others.

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