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A person I knew was drunk and suicidal. The messaged another person I knew and asked them to take their gun before they made a bad decision. It was later found out that the person they called didn't have a permit to carry guns, but they took it and returned it later, just to keep the person safe. In the person in trouble who took the gun from the suicidal person, even though he had permission?

NH gun laws (from NRA site)
Permit to PurchaseNoNo
Registration of FirearmsNoNo
Licensing of OwnersNoNo
Permit to CarryNoYes

Assuming this occurred in NH, and the person is not a felon, then unless he carried the handgun concealed, or committed a crime with one of the guns, then no.

In NY and a few other states, he could be in big trouble.
Since this is a past event, I assume there would only be "trouble" if someone filed a complaint of some kind.
I think too many people base their assumptions about gun laws on TV cop shows, where guns are always registered, or being in possession of an unregistered gun gets one in big trouble.

OBTW, all of my guns are unregistered.

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