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Recently, I've had conversations with 2 serious professionals regarding the mentality of a lot of hardened criminals which were quite disurbing.

The first, a friend retired from the FBI, said there is a "new" brand of criminal who is basically a psychopath who will kill you without hesitation. Killing you means no more to them than stepping on an ant. Often, they need no provocation, you look at 'em wrong (in their opinion), "BOOM" you're dead. I have read about these types (think: inner-city gangstas, drug cartel members) but they would seem to be more prevalent than I thought.

The second guy, retired from 30 years as a corrections officer in maximum security prisons, says we would make a grave mistake in assuming that many criminals think like we do. He noted that one convict was ONE DAY from being released after serving MANY years, when he beat a guy to death for disrespecting him. The officer asked him why he had done that saying "Man, frick this guy. You woulda been out of here!". The con told the corrections officer that "respect" was more important than "freedom".

I'm thinking, in addition to everything else we need to worry about as CCW types, we need to be aware of the psychological makeup of the BGs we might run into. Don't assume they are gonna hesitate to try and kill you and don't think they will be necessarily afraid of you just because you have a weapon. Also, makes me think that if you're not quick enough to draw and fire, you're gonna be in big trouble.

Criminals have always been without morals. There is nothing stopping them from injurying or killing to get what they want.

Hollywood makes them out to be nice guys. If you didn't know this there is only a RUMOR of a high noon type face to face shootout in the old west. ALL murders and shootouts were done by ambush, or being shot in the back, etc.

When you decide it's time to use leathal force to save your life, you MUST do it without hesitation and or thought of the other person. Any weakness on your behalf will give the criminal the advantage and he WILL exploit it.

If you can stomach it or even find any. Watch a real film of animals in the wild. There are predators in every species, and they kill vicously and without hesitation. I saw one on TV that still disturbs me of a horse violently killing a colt by breaking it's neck.

If you strap on a gun be prepared to use it. You must be of the warrior mentality (research what that is).
Scripture tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. There has always been evil and purely evil people. Scripture however also tells us that in the "last days" evil and evil people would increase. 2 Timothy 3:1-5.
Scripture tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. There has always been evil and purely evil people. Scripture however also tells us that in the "last days" evil and evil people would increase. 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

Ahmen; It looks like the time of increase is here and has been for a while!
It is hard to place a label... if a person was raised to be a cannibal, not killing and eating an enemy would be wrong. But between Muslim terrorists who kill for their 72 Virgins, 3rd generation street kids who never learned accepted moral values, to insane people "on the street" who are no longer confined beause they have their rights, and many more...
Depending on the good intentions, charity and morality of unknown people may not work out well.

The thing is they won't hesitate, they will act the very moment they see an opening.

Good, civilized people must have a reason to do things to other people and that reason has to justify what they do. But you can justify anything if your training, common sense and experience do it for you. But some people just can't reason and you can't reason with them... when a psychopath has you at risk, your only chance is to defend yourself, with lethal force.
There are some people in this world who are born without any conscience and regard for another human being. The prisons are full of them and their only regret is getting caught and not feeling sorry for their victims. I've seen families where 3 of the sons went to the various military academies while one of the sons is still in jail for murder while he was still in high school. You just never know.
bad guy mentality

i have a axiom that i have used since boot camp, if they advance and are approching the 5ft radius of me draw! period.
I have posted this before, perhaps on USCCA. For purposes of self-defense, I vastly over-simplify the world into three separate groups:

1) "NORMAL"---people who have the view that 'what is your is yours and what is mine is mine'. They may do something wrong but they will feel bad and may seek forgiveness or attempt to make it right in their own way.

2) "SOCIOPATHS"--people who have the view that 'what is your is yours and what is mine is mine, but if I can lie, cheat, or steal to get it from you, what is the big deal"? Politicians, lawyers, law enforcment, and other power positions have a larger majority of these folks in their profession. Most people in jail have sociopathic personalities or traits.

3) "PSYCHOPATHS"--people who have the view that 'WHAT IS MINE IS MINE AND WHAT IS YOURS IS MINE ' and they will rape, torture, kill, or burn to get it from you. They are the monsters among us and include serial rapist, serial killers, serial arsonists, etc. Their wiring is just off----they feel no remorse unless they get caught. The only thing that deters them is the potential for injury or death. Traditional therapy does not work with these folks and, in fact, they will use treatment to enhance their future criminal career. They go to treatment, learn the language of mental health, and then use that when they are arrested for future crimes.

As I said, it is a vastly over-simplification of world views, but it helps when you are thinkinking about self-defense.
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... I have an axiom that I have used since boot camp... if they advance and are approaching the 5ft radius of me draw!

I like that oldvet! This touches on info from another thread...

FBI statistics compiled from over a century of record keeping suggests that most fights resulting in a justified homicide typically come down to three, three, and three ∷ three shots in three seconds at about three feet away.

As smart, responsible and diligent as one might be—one never knows what may be walking in to their life at any given moment. Situational awareness and being thoroughly trained is an important part of CC.

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