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I am posting this to have others be careful when ordering things from the net. I passed on two flash hiders for the 10/22 Ruger rifle because they were made of plastic, and ordered a steel unit from a comapny called Tactical Innovations. I selected Priority Mail from the USPS as the shipping method, because it was the least expensive (The most expensive was $73 for shipping one little flash hider!) Priority was shown as shipping in 2-3 days, and I believed this as I have often used priority to ship my wife's jewelry. I placed this order on November 27, Thanksgiving night. I figured no biggie, as it was automated ordering. On December 3, I asked the company where my hider was, please? The response I got was that they were having problems due to a huge influx of orders. Here it is, December 8, and I still do not have any idea when or if I will receive my flash hider. I will also post this in the Ruger group as a warning to others who may be looking for parts or accessories. Maybe we can help their being swamped by cutting down the number of orders they receive until lthey can catch up to what is already ordered.

This problem is industry wide right now. Try finding Millet DMS-1 scopes, AR15's (in any caliber), AR15 magazines, bulk ammo, etc... The retailers are trying really hard to fill all the orders, but they can only ship what they can get. Also, from a business standpoint, it makes sense to sell back ordered items if the customer is willing to wait.

As for Tactical Solutions, I have their 22lr upper for my AR15. It's a great product.
Yeah i mean things are so crazy right now. Cheaper than dirt is almost sold out of every thing and the orders are so backed up. Same thing with Buds they are so backed up they are no longer taking phone calls as all the lines and tied up and every voice mail box is full. Obama did stay true to one thing he said "that being he would help boost the Money market" SALES ARE BOOMING..Ammo to go is almost out of ammo and backed up on orders as well. So every one is over there head with money and orders right now. I'm sure it will come just hang in there.
I'm with you guys. I order a lot from MidwayUSA and they are also out of a lot and almost everything AR related. I also put an order in at Powder Valley for some primers, powder, and bullets. They are normally fantastic on the shipping time but this time it took them a week before the even shipped my order. I know that almost every aspect of the gun business is swamped and many places are no longer taking orders until they get caught up. As far as Tactical innovations, I have one of there .22lr silencer and am very happy with it.

I actually was trying to order some stuff for my pops (KimberRB) but having a hard time finding my first option so had to change to plan B.
I have ordered a couple steel lip 25 round magazines for my ruger 10/22 from tactical innovations.. they have treated me well. their customer service is not bad either. I have called them recently to ask about more of those same magazines.. they said they are backed up by the thousands.. but from dealing with them in the past they have been pretty good.. so hang in there and I am sure you will get what you want.

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