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This is a gun my grandfather left me before he died. I know its old but I think it would make a good backup. It needs reblueing and needs to be checked out before firing. I like the feel of it and the way it looks. Its a colt 32 Auto with a 1897 Patient on it. This will be my backup if it checks out ok.

A very nice Colt. Word of advice, don't have it blued. It's in great shape as it is and re-blueing it will cut the value about in half or more. Have it checked out and carry it but leave the blue alone.
Thanks guys, I think I will like this one. Thanks RED HAT for advice. I had it appraised awhile back and it went for about 150 but I thought that was a little low. What do you think?
Colt 1903

I have one of the colt 1903s in 32 auto, and it is almost in the same conditions on the one in your photo. It is a handy little gun and will work as a backup, they only bad things about this weapon it that the sights are a little difficult to see, but still very useable. Make sure that your have good quality hollowpoint ammo for maximum effectiveness. As for someone telling you that it is only worth $150, I would think they were very low on thier estimate. Weapons in the approximately same conditons as yours are going for $350-$600 on gunbroker.:cool:
Magistrate PO is right, the value he gave you was very low. Sounds like he was baiting you in case you wanted to sell it. Depending on the date of birth it could be worth over $600. You can look up the DOB here.
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More gun porn, eh? Showoff!

Seriously, this is a really nice gun. I agree with Red Hat; don't do anything beyond what you need to do to get it working properly.

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