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Anyone here do any shooting (practice) in their back yard? I do some shooting, but I'm not really set up ........yet. I have a wooded back yard (pretty dense) where I set up a stockade fence up against a large pine with a bunch of pallets leaning on the fence and then put some targets up; paper plates; cans; etc. What I would like to do is clear an area (which I already have marked somewhat to get an idea) this spring/summer (once the bugs are gone..yeh, right) probably about 100' long (May be less) and 20' wide. Have the local with his loader/bulldozer just push the dirt till I get my 20' high burm (20' is good; 25' is acceptable). Behond that is a small incline, a drop, pond, then an incline on the other side of the pond. Make up some signs, "WARNING ACTIVE SHOOTING RANGE" and post them in the general vicinity on my property. There are no houses in the back so I should be allset. I'm going to see the Chief in town and run it by him anyway for him to give me the "thumbs up". Of course safety is number one and I want to make sure no one is out there walking around in the woods. This is why I want the Chief to come by. Sorry, I don't want to do the "club" thing.

Ok, well I did it. Made My own range in the backyard. 20" to 30" diameter pine tree's cut to 25' lengths. About 10' in height and 10' in depth. The trunk's are stacked ontop of each other with sand nestling them in. Shooting line is about 110' away. I still have more to do......more material ontop;clean up; signs, etc. I'd like to get some more trunk's stacked to give me a good 5'-10' more in height which MAY happen this Fall. The large boulders you see are off to the side and out of the way BUT they will be moved of course, plus your looking at the wrong angle from where I will be shooting from. Like I said, I still got more to do. Hope the photo's come out.
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Nice job

buy some orange(bright) colored rope, use to mark(both side) your shooting path/lane, line rope on both side of shooting lane, and have some signs

to ward off trespassers
This is My "Shooting Area", NOT "Shooting Range". I needed to rephrase that so I don't have people knocking on my door.

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