Bachelor party time....


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One of my best friends is getting married in a few months. So for his bachelor party we are all getting together and taking a 2 day whitewater rafting trip in SC. Its been awhile since we have all been able to get together and hang out. We are all looking forward to it and should be a blast. I leave tomorrow after work to head to Jacksonville then off to SC Friday. Whhhhoooooooohoooooooo can't wait.

Thanks guys. They are all a good bunch of guys. So we should be able to stay out of trouble. We are all pumped about trip. Just counting down the hours until I can get outta work and hit the road!
I'm guessing that the strippers are going to be on the boats with you:mp230603214423Murde

I think they are waiting in the cabin at the end of the run. You know kinda like our reward for making down the river! lol Just kidding.

Well, I'm going to be heading home to packup and hit the road. You all have a good weekend.

Oh and if you all could not post anything til Tuesday that be great. I don't want to miss anything! lol

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