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I have a Baby Eagle in .40 S&W. I finally found a holster that fits it perfectly. It is a Bianchi Military Holster (M-12) for a full sized Berretta. The Baby Eagle is a perfect match for this for sportsman carry while hunting or at the range. The only issue is the price. $80.00 plus dollars even on discount sites. You may be able to find one at a surplus store but I would be very careful of the condition. This is a hard gun to find a rig for as it is. Any other suggestions are welcome.:50:

What kind of holster are you looking for? Open carry, conceal carry, or all?

Blade-Tech makes OWB and IWB holsters that fit the MRI Baby Desert Eagle, price range is around $60-70.
glad you posted. I ordered a .40 full size baby eagle 2 weeks ago.. they just called me to tell me today that it will still take 30 to 90 days. the issue here is that I want the brushed chrome finish instead of the standard black finish. the first pistol I ever bought was a baby eagle with the black finish. and after shooting it for a little bit I noticed the finish was coming off from the slide. I sold that one and decided that I want a different finish. well it's been 4 or 5 years or so and decided that it is time to get it in brushed chrome. I've also been trying to find good holsters for it. I actually just ordered a smart carry holster for it. should get it before my baby eagle comes in. but from what I hear they are great holsters. and they ask your make and model before you order it so they can do the research to find the best fit... so we'll see

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