Awesome Sunday!!

Soooo today after the gym, my Fiancee says to me "its a good day out, do you wanna go to the range". Best line she could ever use. Well she came along. I didn't know how it was going to go, I wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy herself or not. I brought my Bushmaster AR-15 and my Ruger Mark III. She loved the bushmaster! She hit the bull a couple of different times and did just as well with the Mark III. I was so proud of her! I can't believe she did that well. It seemed so natural to her. She wasn't nervous, she handled each firearm like she shot for years. I couldn't believe this was a person who never shot before. Anyways, she loved it! She wants to go again. Such a good day!


25 Years ago, before my wife and I got married, she had never fired a gun. A few short years later and she was shooting the Ladies Combat Matches and Fun Matches at the local range. She can fire any handgun you give her. She's not recoil shy and will shoot a 44 mag or 454 Casull any day. She loves the 1911's and the Glocks, but always goes back to a revolver. She can shoot and reload a revolver as fast as many men can shoot and reload a semi-auto. She Practices!!! At 15 yards, she can take a S&W Model 66 and shoot 6 and reload and shoot 6 more in under 12 seconds and put them all in the center chest with full magnum loads. So who am I to say she should carry a semi-auto?

She really does not enjoy heavy recoil on her shoulder. I can shoot 'em all without flinching, but I'm a big guy. She's a petite female, but has great recoil control in her arms and shoulders with a pistol. With long guns, She limits herself to the 223, 20 ga or 22 LR. I put her through a combat course with a Ruger 10-22 and several 30 round mags. She can double and triple tap targets very quickly. I wouldn't want to be on the opposite side if she was shooting. She has 2 AR-15's and shoots them well and has been training regularly with them. Even though I'm partial to the 308, I might take one of my AR's so that we would both have the same ammo and mags if we had to Bug Out.

I can't tell you how much better it makes me feel, knowing she has become more vigilant and has a CCW permit, and is well armed and capable, while I'm gone.
that's awesome. congrats to you both. it's so much fun to have the same hobbies as your spouse. especially when it's shooting!
One other thing Capo2186!!! Make a date of it every now and then. When I realized how my wife enjoyed shooting, I would occassionally take her out for a "date" at the indoor pistol range, and a nice dinner afterwards. Another date was to find a rural area where you can shoot, and do a picnic or cookout. Surprise her with a gift sometime, like a new Ruger Mark III, 10-22 or a good 38 snubby. My Mom still has a Ruger Mk1 22 pistol and a Mossberg 22 Semi auto my Dad gave her for a gift while they were dating back in the late 50's. She cherishes those guns.

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