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In Florida, is it very hard to get?

What does it take to do it?

Any links to the process would be appreciated, thats the next toy I want. We have a gun show at the end of November (Ft. Lauderdale) and I'm sure I'll get the questions answered but if you all can tell me a little bit about it, cool.

Maybe the best place to use for the process in South Florida????

I want this with nice scope and some other goodies:
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The cheapest way into full-auto is by buying a Mac 10/11 type of MG. They can be had for a few grand as opposed to >$12k! for a RDIAS.

Oh. For an AR10. No wait...for a .45?

I'm confused.
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Your class III weapons dealer will walk you through the process. It is a bunch of paperwork, prints, etc and a $200 fee and assuming all is clean and in order will take several months to get the tax stamp. Until that time, your dealer will hold the weapon for you.

The problem with full auto in Florida is it is the one thing you can't carry on your concealed permit, so you can't have it with you loaded and ready as a "defensive" weapon making it a range only toy. Plus be certain that you are in full compliance with the Federal transport rules and have the tax paperwork with you even when driving to and from the range as LEO will likely not look real highly on even having a full auto in your vehicle.

Personally, the limits of where and when you can shoot full auto especially here in South Florida to me makes it more logical to simply rent one at the range when I feel the need for some firepower.

Suppressed is another story. A suppressor is actually not disallowed under the Florida CWL so you could have a concealed suppressed weapon available. Again, though, have the tax paperwork available for inspection or expect the weapon to be confiscated until you produce it.
I know the OP said auto, but he also gave a link for a .308 Bushmaster. I can't find a full auto Bushmaster on their site, so I think he meant autoloader, not full-auto.
If you have the money, anything is obtainable. Florida is a class III/title II/NFA State. Another option are C&R machine guns. You get your C&R FFL. There are several on the list that you can obtain. You do not need to be fingerprinted or have a Chief LEO sign off on acquiring C&R NFA items. Your C&R FFL bypasses that.

If you're not buying your class III/title II/NFA firearms in a corporation, LLC or trust or with the appropriate FFL you need to be fingerprinted and get the BATFE form 1 or 4 signed off by the local chief LEO or their designee (chief of police, sheriff then State Police). After you get the stamp back then you can take possession of the NFA item from your local FFL unless you're buying it as an FFL holder.

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