ATTN: N.M. MEMBERS: Pro-Gun Bill Pre-Filed in New Mexico for 2010 Session!


This bill made it almost all the way, last year. STAY ON YOUR LEGISLATORS to make sure it makes it ALL THE WAY this year! It is an important expansion of CCW rights in New Mexico.

Pro-Gun Bill Pre-Filed in New Mexico for 2010 Session!

Please Contact your State Legislators!

State Senator George Munoz (D-4) has pre-filed NRA-supported legislation for the 2010 thirty-day session of the New Mexico Legislature. Senate Bill 40 would allow concealed handgun licensees to lawfully carry handguns for self-defense in certain establishments that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. Governor Bill Richardson (D) has agreed to message the bill, which will make it eligible for consideration during what is primarily a budget-only session.

During the 2009 Regular Session, the House approved similar legislation - House Bill 105 sponsored by State Representative Heaton (D-55) - on a 49 to 13 vote. That measure failed to receive final consideration in a Senate Committee. The Senate companion to that bill, Senate Bill 608 sponsored by Senator Munoz, was approved by the Senate and two House committees, but failed to reach a full House vote before the Legislature adjourned sine die. The pre-filed language of SB 40 tracks the version of the 2009 Senate bill as it was negotiated and reported out by both the House Judiciary and Business & Industry Committees, and the version of the 2009 House bill that was overwhelmingly approved by House members. The high points of the legislation are as follows:

* <LI class=MsoNormal style="COLOR: black; tab-stops: list .5in">Lifts the prohibition on carrying a firearm in a licensed liquor establishment for concealed handgun licensees IF the restaurant is licensed to serve beer and wine only, and derives no less than 60 percent of its annual gross receipts from the consumption of food. <LI class=MsoNormal style="COLOR: black; tab-stops: list .5in">Owners of such establishments may post them off-limits to license holders or may verbally instruct any license holder to leave the premises.
* Current ban on carrying a firearm while under the influence of an intoxicant remains in place and continues to apply to licensees.

SB 40 is a step in the right direction for concealed handgun licensees in New Mexico, which would join 40 other states that allow some form of carrying of firearms for personal protection in establishments that sell and serve alcohol.

Please contact your State Senators and State Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor SB 40. Legislators can sign onto the measure in the Clerk's office at the capitol in Santa Fe up until 5pm on Friday, January 15th. Contact information for your state lawmakers can be found by visiting New Mexico Legislature.

All good and well, but this bill allows CCWs to enter establishments that serve beer/wine only, and said establishment must receive 60% or more of its annual income from food. This bill IMO does nothing, and is a waste of time. I don't know of ANY place that sells beer/wine only in NM.

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