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This is for the (WAY) off-topic forum. I couldn't resist the sheepish drive to post this, prolly going to be the only post no one dares to respond to. Add this to the list of bloody good reasons why the British shouldn't own guns, or maybe even sheep, or this pervert may have used one to rape the whole flock! Barbarian!
I love lambasting those I left far behind me in life! 'Baaaaabara, I'm home honey!'


LONDON (Reuters) - A Briton has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a series of sex attacks on sheep, London police said on Friday.
The 27-year-old man was held at his home in Dulwich, south London, on suspicion of bestiality with sheep. He was also wanted in connection of the possession of drugs with intent to supply.
Detectives said the arrest followed allegations made to them in May and June.
"Two male joggers said they had observed a man molesting the sheep in a field at Botany Bay Lane, Chislehurst," police said in a statement.
"A similar incident was reported to police by a stables employee in the area."
Media reports said the man had been barred from visiting farmland while officers carried out their investigation.

(Reporting by Michael Holden)

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That is sick. There are however no shortage of those types in the good old USA either.
It's a Cultural Thing!

Hey AussieRouge,
I think the report said: "Two male joggers said they had observed a man molesting the sheep in a field at Botany Bay Lane, Chislehurst," police said in a statement. Back in the bad old days of using that penal colony for Brit law-breakers (hard core ones like starving kids who stole a loaf of bread to survive) most Aussies proudly call them their founding fathers, somewhat like the Yank's founding fathers, most of whom had a Brit bounty on their heads for their dislike of rule from Westminster and paying taxes that went into George III's wardrobes, wild 'n wooly parties, not bettering the lives of the folks the Brits treated with scorn deporting many of their trouble-makers over here too. Many generations later I trained with some Aussie medics on HI, part of a troop exchange program and they make some fine troops and superb medics. So Jacobean & Victorian England sent Australia & America it's best natural survivors robbing from the rich and keeping it all, and now look at what they kept Tony Blair or Benny Hill as fine model citizens, both bi-the way not straight shooters. So maybe his punishment should be a 1-way trip to Sydney where if he finds the urge to molest a BF 8ft high kangaroo he'll get kicked so hard he'll land in Tasmania, complete with their real aggressive endemic critters Tasmanian Devils, not taken to being buggered-around with, chew his pecker right off! U know if U look at the aging Prince Charles just right, that sheepish toothy grin, the throaty chuckle that sounds just like a sheep @ times, I wonders if Henry VIII had a few royal mistresses who stood on 4-legs not two? "What's a nice creature like you doing in a damp old castle like this princess Barbara of York?" No need to lop their heads off if they fell out of favor or flavor; mutton for dinner if the story ever leaked or (fact) his only male child died of strange illnesses in his youth! Bad gene mix maybe? Gray\timber wolves aka Canis-Lupus attacks on sheep herds seem to have dropped off in WA since I started this thread. Maybe our (hard-up for a date) shepherds are taking better care of them for reasons I don't even want to think about! Out of this thread and lamb-chops are off my grocery list for a while.

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