Asian carp invasion: Prepare for the worst


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Asian carp invasion: Prepare for the worst
Anglers in the Great Lakes watershed better fish as much as possible in the next decade. Chances are that yet-another monumental government screwup has let Asian carp into the world’s biggest freshwater reservoir, auguring a potential disaster for many of our sport fisheries.

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This problem has been brewing for some time. Unless you live up here, chances are you have not heard a whole lot about it. Search for these fish... There are some pretty eye opening videos out there.

Asian carp invasion

I have lived in the Great Lakes region for 64 years. There have been so many disasters made in the name of good wildlife manage that one would need to spend four years in college to understand them all. It appears there has been a will organized attempt to destroy the Great Lakes or a tremendous amount of stupidity in planning to save it. I think the stupidity part is the culprit. I'm sure there is much more stupidity planned for the future.

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