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I just got off the phone with them they are a forum sponsor. Vary nice people i talked with the owner vary down to earth talks to you like you are a person and not the next sale of the day. He is vary helpful and will walk you through every thing. The cover every self defense ( Baseball bats, hands,mace,knife) Not just guns. They give a 20% discount for family memberships so 50 for the first one and then 20% the next ones ( so for you and your wife it's 80 for a year). After it happens the back of your membership card tells you what you need to do. Call the 24/7 number and it puts you into voice mail and gives you the number for the owners cell phone THAT IS ON 24/7. From there they get you help, they get a lawyer to talk with you over the phone and walk you through what to say. If you are not in the middle of east Bumf**** the lawyer will come down and meet with you and be there. For the first 72 hours the lawyer will be there FREE after that they can get you a prorated deal on lawyers or you can use your own. If you are charged they put together a team of people to watch/cover your case/ watch over the lawyer to make sure they do not miss any thing or mess up. From what i was told that team will have in it EX police, lawyers and more. They also contact your family and let them know you are ok. If you are not charged it's all good you still do not have to pay. There is also no LIMIT to how many times you may use the service in a years time the only limit is the 72 hour limit. As he told me after a police shooting they are not asked any thing they get time off and a lawyer from the union.He also said, the cops have the union the bad guys have the mob's/gangs for help. The only people with out help is the good guys. Again this is FOR ANY USE OF SELF DEFENSE not just GUNS... If you have to use it just one time you get your money back and then some. I mean a good lawyer is like what 80 to 100 dollars a hour? for 72 hours you do that math on that one. On top of all that you also get news letters.. This is a vary good deal for just 50 dollars a year. OH yeah it COVERS YOU ANY PLACE IN THE USA. They will get you a lawyer but again if you are in the middle of east BUM F**** they may not be able to get a lawyer to you so if will have to be done over the phone. So join up today...

Sounds cool. With my financials the way they are right now (I ain't broke, but badly bent) I'm going to have to take my chances, but if I get a chance this would be great for me since I don't know about any of the lawyers in my town.
I don't believe the legal plan at my work covers this so it's definitely worth looking into for us. Thanks for the head's up.
Hell yeah it is. I mean lets say your at the bar and some drunk try's to attack you.. You defend your self and the cops come. Take out the card and help comes FREE for 72 hours. Like i said it's great you get a full return on your money the first time you use it. The fact that there is no LIMIT to how many times you can use your AAA card/911 card. Makes it all the more KICK BUTT.. The fact that after that they get you prorated deals on lawyers that you could not get by your self ROCKS. The fact that you have a team watching your case and making sure the cops treat you right and that your lawyer does his/her job the RIGHT WAY and does not miss any thing. MAKES IT KICK BUTT. I mean the COPS have this, The mob has the family to pay for lawyers. The only one left holding the bag is the good guys. 50 dollars for a YEAR..that's like idk little over 6 dollars a month ( may be off on that). To know you stand a chance at come out of the wolf dean ALIVE with out jail time. makes it all the more..
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