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Has anyone had any experience with the armalaser laser that mounts on the tatical slide of the pistol. I recently bought one to mount on my Keltec PF9. The laser activates from electricity from your fingers when you touch the matalic pads. Keltec has a belt clip that is mounted to the frame of the pistol (no holster). The laser is activating through clothing.

There is a sensitivity adjustment (do you have your owners manual), if that don't work contact Armalaser, they will make it right.
I have one on my Kel-Tec P3AT and never had that problem. Mine doesn't have any way to adjust the sensitivity on it. Like burley said, contact Armalaser.
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I contacted armalaser and they said they had a bad batch of RSS units with bad circuit boards that resulated in a sensitivity issue. Will mail back, no issue with armalaser to repair or replace.
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I was just reading I think it was Texas Gun that after 600 rounds the pf9 showed excessive wear was loose and needed to be rebuilt which concerns me, any input

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