Arizonian's take action today 6/24/09


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Arizona Senator Attempting to Water Down Important Pro-Gun Bill!

Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

As the legislative session comes to a close in Arizona, an important pro-gun measure needs your immediate assistance.

House Bill 2474, sponsored by State Representatives John Kavanagh (R-8) and Frank Antenori (R-30), would permit law-abiding citizens to keep a firearm locked in their privately owned vehicle when parked on their employer’s publicly accessible parking lot or a business they frequent.

State Senator Carolyn Allen (R-8) is attempting to attach an amendment to HB2474 that would water down the language of the bill, essentially rendering the legislation useless to Arizona’s law-abiding gun owners.:mad:

Please contact Senator Allen TODAY and respectfully voice your opposition to her attempt to gut HB2474. Senator Allen can be reached by phone at (602) 926-4480, by fax at (602) 417-3155, or email [email protected]. Also, please contact your State Senator and respectfully urge them to support HB2474 in its current form, without any amendments, especially Senator Allen’s. Contact information for your State Senator can be found by clicking here.

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