Argentina destroys 70,000 guns


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This brought a tear to my eye for more than one reason. The government taking these guns and the thought of destroying 70000 guns. :mad:

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Hmm, unfortunately this smacks a little of Australia....
It does, the difference is they haven't banned any weapons and the people can still purchase weapons from gun shops without a license. They could be getting ready to disarm their citizens by using up the 3.18 million U.S. dollars buying up weapons then outlawing them. It doesn't make too much sense...
Hopefully they are just old unuseable weapons and they are getting the money to buy new ones!
That's what I'm telling myself...they're just barrels with worn-out rifling and guns with broken internal components.

Gun buybacks are so stupid, though. It's a complete waste of taxpayer money. I remember recently there was one (near Jacksonville? can't remember exactly) where they ended up with a de-milled shoulder-fired missile launch tube. In other words, someone walked away with $50 or however much for a useless steel pipe. The most anyone could have done with that was hit someone with it.

Good job, getting those dangerous steel pipes off the street. Next: rocks, bottles, driftwood...and anything else. :rolleyes:

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