Are you qualified to draw the line?


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I think the founders who wrote our Constitution made it clear that there are "God" given rights that cannot be taken away by man made laws. I think they also made a distinction between the "inferior" law of man; and the SUPERIOR law of morality; that can only come from GOD.

They showed great wisdom in making the point to limit government rule. I think they gave us the line already. All we need to do is be brave enough to stand on the authority that GOD gives us and the US Constitution supports.



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You also need to realize that, right or wrong, the government regulates things that are inherently dangerous. A vehicle is inherently dangerous, so you need to pass a test and have a license to drive it. Guns are inherently dangerous, so you need a certain degree of oversight (how much oversight is required...totally debatable), things like mining and doing surgery and teaching wee children are also potentially dangerous, so someone needs to make sure the people doing those things are qualified. Should that someone be Uncle Sam? Heck if I know.

But common sense dictates that things that are not dangerous by nature, such as speaking, praying, and handling matters of law, would be less regulated.


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety... Benjamin Franklin


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Years ago I divided people into five categories. Since then I have subdivided some of the categories but for this exercise see which one you fall into and why.

1. Those who try their best to follow both the spirit and letter of the law. My Grandmother was such a person but this is a very rare type.

2. Those who try to obey the spirit of the law but not necessarily the letter of the law. This used to be the majority of people but sadly this group seems to be shrinking.

3. Those who try to obey the letter of the law but have no qualms about not following the spirit of the law. To be an effective lawyer you must follow this in order to represent you client fully. Unfortunately a mans word is no longer his bond and the term "Get it in writing" is now a necessity.

4. Those who willfully chose to neither follow the spirit or letter of the law. These are the criminals and in some ways I have much more respect for them than category 3 or 5.

5. Those who cannot understand that the laws apply to them and either feel that they are for others or just do not realize that they cannot choose what laws they want to obey. Politicians and Public Officials come to mind for the first example while teenagers in the second.

Which are you and why?


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Your point is well explained, OP, it's one of the things that often bugs me, too. I'd like to be a 100% law abiding person but sometimes it's hard because the laws are getting very strange.


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Oh My GOD, he stopped drinking the MA public water laced with the mind control drug! Send in the MA mind control swat team to force him to think like a MA res should, LOL J/K. So refreashing to see that not everyone from MA is a tree hugging "OH MY GOD I see a firearm, I just shat myself" Lib.

Good to see you again old friend, I hope that powers that be in MA don't sink their teeth into you.

Hugs and kisses to you also... No mind control drugs here, MOLON LABE. I've never had the Kool-Aid, but all the moonbats keep telling me how wonderful it is... I'll not comply...

His "wait until the Supreme Court reinterprets the BIll of Rights & decides your fate" BS makes me want to laugh... A liberal king's loyalist...


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Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety... Benjamin Franklin

Those willing to compromise their freedom for but a moment, shall have none of it by days end -- Me

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