Are you a potential fascist?


Thank God I'm alive!
I got this from another forum and thought that you guys might enjoy it.

Lots of antigun folks think of us as a bunch of dangerous "right-wing" "Fascists" (Calm down I know Fascism is a LEFTIST conciet; the antis are not all that smart). Well, I got to thinking, why not find out; so I went to Chuck Anesi's web site where he has a personality test called the "F Scale" to rate an individual's susceptibility to Fascist thinking.

The test can be found at The F Scale: Final form. It will calculate your score at the end.

My score is 3.933333333333333 "Tolerant but disciplined, a true American"

If you take the test be honest with yourself and if you report your score don't fib.

And be sure to tour Chuck's web ssite as I am sure he is on the same wave length as most of us here.

:biggrin:4.5. Gee I thought I would rate higher than that.:biggrin:

You may want to practice doing things with your left hand.

I am to far right to do something left.
I guess I should lean a little farther to the right


I scored a little low for this test...maybe I should have studied more!
I scored just under 4. I am surprised. All my freinds are fundemental Baptist preachers or hick town deputy sherrifs. I guess I have been watching so much liberal media that i think I am the enemy myself!

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