Are You a Mall Ninja? (Quiz)

You need to stop thinking like an intelligent human being and start thinking like a MALL NINJA!

Afterall, if the starbucks hits the ceiling fan it could only be YOU standing between the GAP and Victoria's Secret ... you must be ready (or at least trendy).

You scored 53 % Mall Ninja Personae!

Awesomeness. Not quite sure how they base the score, but entertaining none the least :biggrin:
Since the concept has been in at least two recent threads and the newer members may not have seen this.

Are you a mall ninja? Take the test in the OP and find out.

And it probably wouldn't be that high if there had been a 'None of the Above' option on a couple questions.
40% Not sure what a Mall Ninja actually is. Never heard of that before. Would have liked other choices for music but went with the Carpenters given the choices. Must be getting old. Of course "none of the above" would have been a better choice for a few of the questions.:pleasantry:
28%, time for analysis!

I decided that when I saw I was in double digits!!

Cap Gun,

I always heard them referred to as 'Tactical Teds'. You know the type, the fellers that are wearing the BDU lookin' cargo pants bloused so they show their knockoff Corcoran jump boots, photographer vests over their gun company logo shirt and a ball cap that advertises for the NRA, gun company or ammo manufacturer. Normally, they have a half a dozen or so folding 'tactical knives' sticking out of their various pockets, too.

They also are the be all and end all source of tactical and firearms knowledge. If you don't believe me, ask them because they have no problem telling you. They know every article from every gun rag by heart (and will quote it verbatim at the drop of a hat) on all the newest firearms and accessories. They've got an opinion on every facet of firearms-even if they've never even seen or held-much less shot what they are pontificating about.

We had one that came into the gun shop I worked at in the '90's. He'd march in (literally), go to the surplus military rifle rack that was on the sales floor, pick up a rifle and give a 2 minute dissertation on it. Far be it from me to point out that he didn't know what most of them were- much less anything else. A lot of the old Mausers and Contract Mausers (like those made by Huskvarna and the Czechs, for example) were coming into the market at the time and the differences between some of the models were minute but important to differentiate when and where they were made and for what country.

The '95 Steyr-Mannlicher straightpulls were his down fall. He had some of the folks confused enough to believe he knew what he was talking about until he tried to lift the bolt on one of the '95 Steyr carbines.:lol: I doubt if my correcting him publicly numerous times when his drivel moved from annoying to stupid and dangerous helped the cause much. The manager and owner didn't mind. He probably cost them more business than anything since he never spent a penny in the place.
jtg takes all types. Thanks for the overview :yu: Yes I see the cargo pants and jump boots. I sometimes wonder what's up with that.
25%, but would have liked metal for a music choice. I mean come on.....

Rats. 38%
Probably because I picked AK47's in two questions. Given a choice between an AK47 and an M16, I'll take the AK47 every time.
It's more reliable than the M16 and within its range it hits considerably harder than the M16.

+1 a freight train.

195 more ft lbs of energy, 245% more mass.

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