Are You a Mall Ninja? (Quiz)


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I'm 38% Mall Ninja, how 'bout you?

You scored 33 % Mall Ninja Personae!

Lots of questions where I would have chose "none of the above" if it were available.

I scored 37%, although I too would have preferred if the questions had none of the above or other as an option.
22% Mall Ninja

Dang it I shoulda studied more! I bombed that one. I was hoping for at least 80%:biggrin:
Your result for The Mall Ninja Apptitude Test ...
You scored 86 % Mall Ninja Personae!

... and damn proud of it !!!!
dang.. 46%. I agree it would have been better to have none of the above.. and I am a black belt and still study. I'm sure that gave me extra points in having "ninja" weapons. lol
I have studied, trained and practiced and have managed to get a respectible 94% mall ninja on this test, however, that is where at this time I have maxxed out. I do not know if better than that is possible.

BTW, this test sees a mall ninja as more of a Matrix type character than what we may see as a mall ninja, keep that in mind when trying to beat my 94%. You can use your back button to jump back to the questions, change an answer then go forward and get a new score. Just skip past the "male/female" crap etc.

Live long and prosper... no that's not right, uh the force be with you?, no uh, uh ... how about ... up against the wall mofo!
Rats. 38%
Probably because I picked AK47's in two questions. Given a choice between an AK47 and an M16, I'll take the AK47 every time.
It's more reliable than the M16 and within its range it hits considerably harder than the M16.

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