Are IWB holsters comfortable?


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Are the IWB holsters comfortable to wear as you go about your day walking and sitting down. Or do they limit the things that you can do?

I guess it depends on your build and what you are carrying. I am still looking for a comfortable IWB holster. You do have to change the way you do things.
I'm a smaller framed guy who carries a Glock 23 all the time in a CrossBreed Supertuck and love the hell out of it! As I write this, I am carrying and sitting sideways on my couch with my feet up. Even being slightly pressed against the couch, I barely know its there. I've tried a few other brands but so far this one works the best for me. The ONLY issue I am trying to figure out about the Supertuck is keeping it in place and stop from sliding backwards.
This only my own opinion, (and I own three of the darned things!) - No their not comfortable! Anything you stuff down your pants that isn't supposed to be there will be uncomfortable...:yu:
This only my own opinion, (and I own three of the darned things!) - No their not comfortable! Anything you stuff down your pants that isn't supposed to be there will be uncomfortable...:yu:

WORD! I suffer with the discomfort anyway at times. Stupid me huh?:fie:
Honestly, I have the Crossbreed Super tuck. I love it, at times I forget that I have it on but be aware that you will have to adjust it for what is best for you.

Also be aware that you may need to buy a little larger pants. If you wear tight pants, odds are it won't be comfortable.

Sitting OK, walking OK, bending over to pick up something you may have some discomfort.

Living in the DEEP SOUTH most clothing is light and cold weather only about 4 months out of the year so IWB works well. OWB can be tough to conceal with light clothing.

IWB is my prefer carry method. I carry a Springfield XD9 SC.

Try to experiment and try different methods and holsters before purchasing if possible, maybe someone you know uses IWB or a shop may let you try them out.

Good Luck
Depending upon how tight your pants are worn you may have to start wearing larger pants. The Super tucks and mini tucks will print when you bend over to pick up something or reach for something on a shelf in a store it may become exposed.
I own three "Supertucks" (My primary carry holsters). I also own a few of others brands of IWB holsters as well. (Blackhawk, Uncle Mikes and Maverick "Tuckaways")

My preference is either the Supertuck "Deluxe" or the Maverick "Tuckaway". (Both are extremely comfortable and completly "tuckable".)

I would give the Maverick a slight "comfort" advantage. However, the "Supertuck" get the BEST marks for accessibility in all positions. This is because the ST keeps the firearm a little higher on the hip than the "Tuckaway".

Cost & Value wise?
The Supertuck can run around $90. But, they have a lifetime warranty and the CS canNOT be beat! You can also buy seconds and blems for half (or less) the cost of a new one.

My Maverick "Tuckaway" cost me $14 from Dillon Precision (The Blue Press).

The important thing to remember is BUY a GOOD GUNBELT! (No matter how comfortable any holster is, a good gunbelt makes the more so.)

My two favorite gunbelts are the Wilderness Tactical "Instructor" belt that cost around $50 and is made from nylon and has a HIGH tensil strength buckle with locking velcro to help keep it tight. The other belt I like is a "Crossbreed" leather belt with a velcro backing.

The Crossbreed belts aren't that pretty. But, they are high quality; come with a lifetime warranty and come with J-hooks that attach to the velco so no part of the holster "clip" is visible. (New they're around $90; Blems are around $40)

Like someone else said here:
Carrying a firearm is NOT going to be 100% comfortable. But, carrying a gun can go a LONG way at helping you feel 100% "comforted".
Well I have 2 as well 1st the supertuck and the 2nd a Bianchi 3S. they are both uncomfortable and the 3S is unstable because of my gut. I am sure they are both great holsters for the slimmer person but, for me they are terrible. The supertuck I think will be a great holster after I drop some weight but, until then I don't recomend it or an IBW for that matter to a heavy person. I was told they be comfortable but, that is not the case at least for me.
I wear a Kholster crescent IWB holster every day with my Sig P250 compact in it, and I have never had a problem with comfort. I wear mine at about 4:00 or so and it is very well concealed and quite comfortable. It isn't the prettiest hoslter on the market, but I won't be trading mine for anything else anytime soon.

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I wondered about the comfort of IWB myself a couple years ago.
It doesn't look like it would be comfortable so I got a Desantis "Tuck This" IWB holster for about $25 from Midway. I now wear that thing just about every day. My plan is to get a few more IWB holsters for some of my other guns too. I can't really say it's comfortable but it's not very uncomfortable neither.
At first I looked at IWB as just another option but even with my inexpensive Desantis it is now my primary carry method all the time.
Placement is important. There's a nice little groove on my hip at about 4 oclock and the gun fits perfectly right in there.
You might try an inexpensive holster first to see how it works for you
I have the crossbredd super tuck and have found no better IWB holster. I am 6'2" and 300 lbs and forget I have it on. Buy one size bigger pants and you should be good. When riding my motorcycle or driving a car long distances (100 miles or more) I prefer a shoulder holster but wear my IWB and transfer when I stop.
I carry a 92FS in a kydex IWB from a little company in here in Arizona called THS. I carry at about 5 o'clock and find it very comfortable, even when driving.

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