Are gun belts really worth it?


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I believe a thicker belt is better because it doesn`t allow the holster to shift or sag like a thinner belt will do.It also seems to make a difference in comfort if you are going to be out for a while when you are carrying since there is more support and you won`t find yourself adjusting your holster like you will with a thinner belt allowing you to be less obvious.


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OK, I cheaped it and bought a $20 belt but you boys have convinced me, especially the photo. I hit the web shopping next payday.


You don't put a 2000# load in a 1/2 ton pickup truck if you want it to work comfortably.

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Theres a place in Oklahoma City, called Looper leather and law enforcement supply, They make a really good leather belt with a kydex liner in it for $28.00bucks, $32.00 shipped to your door, Just google looper and you will find the site...............

I bought one of these belts last week and I love it! Great quality and a great price.


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I have an Acker dress belt. It looks really good and functions well. So I would have to say "yes it's worth it". It was very reasonably priced at only about $35. It is reinforced to keep it from being extremely thick. What do you guys think? Are they generally worth the price?

To me NO.

I have found that the key is multiple layers, sewn together.

Go to Wal-Mart and find one of their work belts, that is two layers and sewn, especially the ones that you can change the buckle on.

I have 2 that I have been using for several years and at $10 each they are great.

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Can't say if they're worth it or not, but a good place to go to if you're looking for a good gun belt is an western clothing store. They typically will sell good quality leather belts that are ideal for CCW. If you're out west you could try R.C.C, or you may have something similar by a different name.


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For an additional point, a good gun belt will simply far outlast a Wally World cheapo whether you carry with it or not. I could go through 2 or 3 cheapos a years thee buckle tarnishing, leather spalling off etc.

I think you will find that in the long run, they are actually less expensive.


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I ordered 1 1/4 in. width belts (3) from Looper Leather and I am Happy. $32.00 shipped each. They are kydex reinforced. I will go for 1 1/2 in. next time, for casual wear.


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I used to doubt that a belt could make a big difference, boy was a wrong.
Once I tried a belt designed to carry a gun I was convinced. The gun and holster are held securely and with a lot more comfort.

I have a Rafters and a Don Hume both are great. Link Removed

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I just purchased a 511 tactical belt at the local gunstore. It was about $25, and boy did it make all the difference! I am convinced! Thanks !!! ;)

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