AR15 Heavy Barrel vs M4


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I am trying to purchase an AR15 in MD and I was told that there is a 4 month wait for the State Police to sign off on any purchase. My other option is to get an AR15 in a heavy barrel because for some reason the heavy barrel version is not regulated the same. Can anyone tell me the plus and minus of the regular M4 style AR15 and the heavy barrel?


Lug around a heavy barrel version and you'll know the negative by the end of the day. Plus, is that the heavy barrel will stay aimed at the same point after multiple shots. Bull barrel guns and ones with machine gun barrels tend to hit the same point of aim after 20 rapid rounds whereas a regular barreled gun tends to drift due to temp changes.
So, are you talking about the HBar profile or a no taper "bull barrel" ? Although I have one, I'll be the first to say that a 16" bull is not a good choice for your only AR. I choose to carry the extra weight of the 16" HBar over the M4 or lighter profile barrels. I carry an AR several hours a day from January through March while coyote hunting and will admit it does make some difference. The steadier hold seems to make the extra weight worthwhile. I can't say that there's an accuracy edge over the lighter barrels as I've seen numerous M4 cut barrels shoot well under 1" groups.

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