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I find myself at that point in life where the need AR 15 is all encompassing! So I ask the experts here at USA Carry... is it more cost effective to build your own or to buy it in a box? Please be tolerant of my green-ness! Question #2 any tips on convincing the Mrs.? Thanks in advance!:biggrin:

I'd go ahead and purchase a factory model if you don't have experience in putting together your own gun, fitting it
corrrectly, etc.
As for your wife, just ask her how confident she is that if someone is kicking in your door at 3 a.m. whether or not the
police will get there in time to protect her. If that doesn't convince her, do it anyway; it's the right thing to do!
The advantage of purchasing a complete AR15 is that you get a warranty with it. The advantage of building your own is avoiding the 11% excise tax. Also, building your own will require a few tools that may offset the savings.

As for convincing the wife, try to get her to shoot one. A lot of women enjoy AR15's due to the lack of recoil. Also, push the issue of a possible assault weapon ban. It looks like we're currently winning that war, but the tide changes quickly in politics.
Normally I'd say go for it. But the availability of parts are just about non-existent. I have a friend that's been looking for a bolt carrier for months and hasn't been able to find one. If you do decide to build one and find parts you can get around having to buy tools to build one if you buy a barreled upper. It's jut a matter of putting it together.
I built mine at a cost that was a lot less them buying one. But it was back in the day when you could get parts. Parts are hard to find right now, so I would just go and get one in the box. As for the betterhalf just let her shoot it I think she will find it fun and who knows she may let you get one for her too. :pleasantry:

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