AR-15 conversion to .22


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I was thinking of buying one of those conversion kits that allow the use of .22 ammo in my AR-15. Anyone have any recommendations for the kits? Was in FL last week and found one at Shooters Supply. Price was 199.00 and included a 27 round mag. Kit looked simple enough but wanted to know if anyone has tried these kits in their AR. :pleasantry:

Back in the 80's the Air Force tried to using those conversion kits to keep costs down. They were HORRIBLE. The actions failed to cycle and the rifles were DIRTY and extremely hard to clean. I would reccomend against getting one.
Thanks for the reply. I had heard of some problems with the earlier designs but was told by a rep at my local gun store that the newer designed kits are much better and use a blow back design to cycle the action instead of relying on the normal gas operation as with the .223 round. I always like to do a little research before I make a purchase on something like this especially if it involves modification to my firearm.
I've got a dedicated .22lr upper for my AR15 from Tactical Solutions. Although they currently have it to fix a small problem, I really like it and would recommend it. It's accurate and takes the 27 round Black Dog mags.

I remember the Air Force conversions as I went through basic training in 1984. All I could think was "what a joke" and "is the military really this cheap".

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