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The Jefferson County application requires three references and specifies "DO NOT LIST RELATIVES". Being fairly new to Alabama I don't have lifelong friends or coworkers that I know well enough to turn to. My father-in-law and brother-in-law would gladly sign on but I wonder, do they count as relatives?

Since I may have to ask people I don't know very well for references, how worried do I need to be about their background? Say one of my references turns out to have some sort of conviction in their background that I didn't know about. Seems like that wouldn't bode well for my application being approved.

Any experience and advice would be welcomed with many thanks.


New to AL...but what about where you came from previously? Doesn't seem to say they must be AL residents...
Thanks, I hadn't thought of that...but it also specifies "No Long Distance" in regard to your references' phone numbers. My friends and family would all require long distance calls.
Given the county's current financial and personnel crisis (and from experience) they don't even call them.
Given the county's current financial and personnel crisis (and from experience) they don't even call them.

I would have to agree with this post. I would consider " relatives " as being blood related " relatives ", not married in. Also, I would recommend possibly co-workers? Good luck!
I would recommend not lying. That said, Jefferson county doesn't check references so your reference won't feel put out being listed as a reference. I listed all coworkers. There are so many people with ccw permits cause its 8.50 that any person you know locally has probably been used as a reference before.
...most likely they will never even check.

Then why require the referances to begin with?

Where do you think they get the list of people to start with in an investigation when someone snaps and does something stupid? They pull every set of references they've ever given on ANY government application!

Sorry if I just gave away an inside investigative technique. :rolleyes:

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