Apparently now "whitie" is the new al-ciata


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What a joke at DHS, my guess is that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are next. Gotta love propaganda.


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If this doesn't work just Google something along the lines of "whites new terrorist according to DHS"


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We have known for a long time that the white male is the only non-protected "class". Minorities? Check. Women? Check. Disabled? Check. White male? NO! No special considerations or front of the line priveleges, no special laws to show favoritism or protection. However, left-wing white males will be much more protected than conservatives and in fact ideology can trump race on the left. Look at how Bush's latino supreme court nominee, a conservative, was beat up by the democrat controlled senate and finally quit the process... Anyway, History is history and is in the past. As shameful as it was it is over, the racist and sexist pendalum has swung way over to the OTHER side now. OK, back to my original point, is it a surprise to you, really, that the media jumps all over a non-muslim terrorist?

MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, etc, all pretty much failed to initially inform us that the Fort Hood shooter, for example, was yelling jihadist rants while shooting. We were not informed, unless you watched Fox News or listened to Rush, Beck or Levin, that he, the Fort Hood shooter, was sending pro-allah and pro-jihad/anti-American emails for many months prior to the shooting and had a coran in his brief case. (non capital letters intended)

Such media also neglected to let us know, initially and for days, that the times square attempt was by a radical Muslum. The media also ignored the fact that the Arizona shooter, who shot the congress woman Gifford, had anti-Bush postings on social media and in fact was a believer that Bush actually brought down the towers in N.Y.

The FIRST thing I saw about the Norway shooter was a heading under his picture: "Right wing gunman goes on killing spree", at Now all the rage, at least yesterday, was that he was a Christian. That home grown (white, right wing, gun owning, militia friendly...) terrorists are the next big threat.

Yes, those very men that fought to create this free country and created the documents that forged a free and beautiful nation would today be considered threats to our current government!! ...Read that again, please, it bears repeating. This is where our next fight will be. The only question that remains is how far, one step at a time, one infringement at at a time, will our government go before we take back our country in order to give it back to the people? One step at a time, we are losing our freedom, prosperity, hope and our very nation. Yeah, let's get back to our jobs, get home and have a beer. I suppose as long as a majority of Americans can repeat that cycle we will continue down the "one step road" until we are Cuba, Venezuela or Greece and any generation that once cared about freedom will be old, gray and dead.

I don't have an answer as to how, when, where to start such a take-back. Nobody does. Therein lies the devil, there will never be a time or a way to organize such a fight and that, my friends, will be why we will go down that road, posting here the entire time!


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Very great post and I agree whole heartedly. This amps in the fact that I know people out there are awake. I too ask, how many staged events, staged attacks, and undoubtedly how many innocent lives will it take for ppl to understand. The answer is not what you think. It's simpler then that. I can almost say with close accuracy that when this item was introduced to the population it was then the slow decline into what we have now....the television. IF it was used to inform, learn and educated..then it would be the most powerful tool. Instead, those of us that want that, are thankfully left with the internet...until they take that


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It's not to say I'm bashing movies or tv shows, but come on people, limit it. It sickens me with the reports of how many HOURS PER DAY a so called average citizen watches. And you know for a face a large majority of that is senseless mindless useless crap. Heck if the headline was "american public watches average of .....hrs a week of educational shows and .....hrs of cspan(or some live political actions)" then that would both A) be a proud, probably smarter and informed country and B) we wouldn't be or at least be not as worse shape (physically, politically, economicly) then we are now. Just a Thought.

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