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A few months back I had my new HP computer crash badly with a VISTA OS, I was doing a manual defrag while it was still plugged into the network, and it went into and endless loop of "Un recoverable system error" where it would attempt a fix then a reboot...

Early diagnostics led me to believe it had done a update and a reboot during the defrag and had trashed the HD....

I spent over 15 hours getting it up and running but not working right so I went to my computer buddy..... I was in the Q for several months while he worked on other systems that were there first....

Now after my Computer buddy ran every test there was for the system and was close to pulling his hair out over it he started loading drivers on at a time.... turned out to be the G Force video board. You could get the OS up run it in VGA but as soon as you loaded the G Force video drivers..... Boom Crash, and endless loop all over again!!!

So it was not a software issue but a hardware one.....

But by now the warranty has expired!!!

A call to HP tech support!! However since I called early in the day I got to talk to someone in the USA, put on hold and transfered to the guy that makes all the decisions....

The result a free repair and shipping with 90 days on parts N labor, they are sending a box to ship!!!

So short story HP treated me right, no hassle, no arguing, N just wanted to say so.....

That's funny...I was having problems with my GeForce driver awhile ago too.
I'm adamant about sticking to XP, I'm not switching to Vista for as long as I can hold out.
Hp has always been a good computer for me. As for Vista I'm still on the fence. I like my XP.

+1 I still like my xp. many have gone to vista and if they prefer that then great:) I do however prefer to build my own computer so I know exactly what is going on. once from gateway I ordered a computer with some upgrades that they said were put in there.. but they were not even close to what I ordered.. but that is gateway for you.. HP I am sur eis worlds above them.
For those holding onto their XP (Like me) you don't have long to wait. Windows 7, the next edition of Windows, is right around the corner. Microsoft has fast-tracked it, since Vista didn't really catch on too well with consumers.
That was fast!!

Talked to them yesterday, MT box with pre paid return came this AM, I called Fed X N they will be back in a bit to pick it up!!!

Now on a side note!! I am running a older (5 years) Pavilion with the NVIDA chip set, but ran across this N it covers my 9000 as well...

From the Inquirer

OWNERS OF HP laptops are up in arms because the dodgy Nvidia graphics chips inside their machines are failing all over the shop.

IDG hack Agam Shah, went trawling through the HP message boards and found a whole heap of users complaining about the way they'd been treated.

Some of the machines affected were not on HP's official list of machines that had their warranty period extended. So when they gave up the ghost - as a certain Charlie Demerjian said they would - users we left holding useless lumps of ex-technology.

The laptop owners are getting the distinct feeling that, once their affected laptops pass 15 months old, they keel over and die. One, calling himself Surveyor writes: "Many people with HP dv9000 series have had the same problem. Bad graohics [sic] card after about 10-18 months of use. This calls for a new motherboard. ($350+) Keep in mind that HP will tell you that if it is no longer under warranty its your baby. I guess the lucky ones are those who encountered these problems before the warranty died. Good Luck with this one."

Another, named Unfortunate, writes: "It seems that I am a brand new victim. My dv9500 cto's screen became a "colorful" LCD two days ago after working well for 1 and a half years. 1 year Warranty has expired... Dont know what to do next."

He's not alone.

Pressure is mounting on HP to add to its list of models that will be covered by the extended warranty period since the tactic of keeping cooling fans on full blast isn't helping much.

Neither HP or Nvidia would comment on IDG's story. Charlie Demerjian had plenty to say but we'll save that for later. µ

Yep that is the series mine is, but HP did not give me any grief at all and I have the Name, phone no and extension of the guy that authorizes these repairS!!

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