Anyone recommend some 1911 grips?


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I just bought a Kimber Pro Carry II and was wondering if anyone has installed some grips on one that they would recommend. Im gonna make it my main carry pistol so im looking for something that has good grip but isnt overly aggressive.

Christa Beasley

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I just got a Sig Sauer 1911 for Christmas and my husband bought me some Alumagrip Slimline grips that I really like so far. For my hands, the original grips that came on the Sig were way too "chunky," for lack of a better word. :)


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Hogue rubber grips for the win. I prefer the wraparound type but the grip panels work well too.


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VZ Grips. They make grips that range from warm and cuddly to cheese grater.
Seriously though, I've got VZ grips on both of my 1911s.


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I have a cdp pro and the factory grips are fine , but I'm strating to have trouble with my eyes, so I'm going to try the crimnson trace lazer grips. Just a though.

Dave Nowlin

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I also have a Pro CDP II and find the OEM grips to be very good looking but too fat. I prefer the Hogue rubber as they aren't as thick. I also have a Sig 1911 Ultra which also came with thick grips. It now wears Hogues. Both of my pistols have checkered frontstraps so I have no need of a wraparound.

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