Anyone Have The Hi Point 9mm Carbine??

My HiPoints are the C9, 995 Carbine and the .45ACP. The 995 Carbine is Very accuarte. I bought mine with the scope and paid around $230. I can shoot this thing all day! Yes, the C9 and .45 are ugly and BIG but I've had no problems with them at all. ANYTHING that goes wrong with a HiPoint, just send it back to HiPoint and they will repair/replace it for FREE even if You are the third owner. Can't beat that! All You pay is shipping. In SOME cases HP MAY throw in a FREE mag. HP has a 2% Return rate. They warranty EVERYTHING 100%!
My neighbor turned me on to them and they were my first firearms I bought. The price was right; shoot fine; accurate; Made in the USA; Anything goes wrong with it, it is fixed for FREE; 100% Warranty. Only problem I found out is people calling them junk or knocking them and finding out that They never even shot one. :rolleyes:

OK Folks.....Here's Where I Am With My Hi Point Upgrade....

I replaced the stock with the ATI replacement, added a Quad rail,a flash suppressor,heavy duty bi-pod and an x-2 light. I also have a rail mount laser as the x-2 light blocks the internal position for the laser.. and a red/green quick point scope on the way as well.....Any thoughts on this??




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I like it. I never had a thing for the ati though, but if it were mine I would throw a scope on that bad boy......very nice.
My Hi Point 995 Carbine is stock except for the mag carrier I got from Hi point. I got the carbine with he scope. The only problem I have had was when using Winchester White box would jam on occasion, seams to be breaking in and does not jam as often. It is accurate, light and next to nothing on recoil.
Saw, the ATI stock is slightly heavier and soaks up some of that recoil.
I bought the High Point 995 a few years ago. I paid $135 for it new. I could not be happier with this carbine. I am impressed with its accuracy. I have never used anything but the iron sights on it. I added the High Point butt pad with capacity for 2 mags in the pad and the complete laser kit from High Point. I have ordered directly from High Point twice. Both times I received the items in less than a week.

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