Anyone have a Kahr PM9 and how do you like it?


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Wondering who might have a Kahr PM9 and do you like it? Thinking about getting one for front pocket back up carry. Are they reliable and do they get finnicky with different ammo? Thanks!

The PM9 is an outstanding firearm. I'm partial to the PM line. I have all three, the PM9, PM40 and the PM45. I also have an old E9. My PM9 will fire anything I put in it. They do recommend a 200 rd break-in before you carry it. Kahr also has great no questions asked customer service.
I find my PM9 very reliable once it made it through the break in period. When I got mine (its now a few years old) it had a fairly weak spring which made it not come to full battery fairly often. One telephone call to Kahr and a new, stiffer spring with all the hardware along with two new stiffer magazine springs were on their way with no required return shipping or charges of any kind. This resolved all the problems and I can say that their customer service was great, especially since I have not needed it since.
My PM9 works fine. I've shot 115 gr. Cor-Bon +P, Remington +p and even Federal +P+ through it. Nice little gun.
Shoots anything I put in it. I did the break in but never had 1 issue with practice or JHP ammo. I currently use PowerBall.

Most bad experiences with car seem to come from NOT using the slide release to go into battery for some reason this is very important with the Kahr.
Thanks everybody. Apparently, because they are in such demand around here (Now making a MA compliant version), they are on backorder. I put $50 down to reserve one.
You know what's completely insane???? These guns are mfg'd in Worcester, MA and they are now selling Mass Compliant versions of it in Massachusetts! We need more liberal politicians from Massachusetts to expire...of natural causes of course. Ted Kennedy comes to mind!!!
I like mine and it shoots as good as my Glock. Never had a malfunction and it goes bang each time you pull the trigger.
I have had one for about 9 months or so. Easy for pocket carry (use a FIST Kydex #5 holster) and the 9mm caliber is great for such a small firearm. Followed the instructions carefully for breakin and shot 200 rounds for the breakin period using a variety of 9mm and 9mm+p rounds. Only one glitch. on the 92nd round when the last round in the mag was fired, the slide did not lock back. Had no repeat of the problem ever since and now have about 600 rounds down range. I believe the WWB round was the problem. The field stripping and reassembly can be a bit tricky so read the manual and look at the video on the Kahr site closely. The firearm is very accurate at 7 and 10 yards. I have night sights on mine. Easy to keep the front sight on target. The only modification I did was to put an Agrip over the stock grips. Does not add much width to the grip and feels great in the hand. Highly recommend the firearm. I do not have the Mass. compliant version. See no real need for the safety because of the DA trigger (smooth but a fairly long travel).

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