anyone familiar with Tokarev/Tokgypt pistols?


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i was just curious. i have read good and bad about them. i held one once that a friend of mine brought back from vietnam. never fired it though.

I have a CZ-52, which is chambered for the 7.62x25mm Tokarev calibre. Very hot stuff...

I've had chances to buy a Norinco-made Tok, but always had other things competing for my money. Interesting relic! But I much prefer a good Makarov, since they make excellent CCW pistols.
An old Marine/Vietnam vet that used to work on my outddor irrigation at an old job used to carry a Makarov EVERYWHERE. Tony swore by it.

That is about it for my firsthand knowledge, but from what I have read on them, they are pretty nice pieces.

Interesting side note on Tony that at least I feel is humourous. - His wife ran the kitchen for a very upscale country club/caterer. Old Silly Bill was to make a presidential visit there, and hold a campaign rally of sorts. So, needless to say, the Secret Service had to perform checks on everyone, and thier families. His wife was cleared to do her business, but was told that Tony was not allowed within a 1/2 mile radius of the building. He took that as the BIGGEST compliment of his life ! :cool:I reckon they didn't care for his political views, and magazine choices ...
I don't think it was d/t the Mak he carried. He was/ still is a subscriber to The Conservative Chronicle, loved Rush, and pretty much any other American freedom publication. I think they came to that conclusion largely based on his known political views, and subscriptions.

but, enough off- topic chat. I don't wanna hijack Boris' thread. - sorry Boris
i'm a

makarov man myself. i was just curious, i guess. the one thing that the soviets did well is make weapons. their stuff is/was K.I.S.S. simple. as far as the kleentons,i feel like captain ahab did towards moby dick. they are bad for america. yes, i am concerned about hillary being our next president. maybe we could go live in switzerland for a few years.....
I carry a Norinco 213B Tokarev (9mm) have fired hundreds if not thousands of rounds and never had an issue. Its spot on accurate, slim, light, and durable. I couldnt ask for more out of my $190 investment.

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