Anyone else getting hitched?


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So "The Nug" and the future "Mrs.Nug" are set to exchange vows on Saturday and will be heading to Niagara Falls for the following week.

I will be AFK during this period, but I want all of you to know that you will be in my hearts while I am away.

Keep the Excessive Posting thread alive and remember I will accept all wedding gifts and charitable donations.

-The Nug:neo:

Congratulations, Nug! Unfortunately, we can't keep the excessive posting thread alive, though, because Luke closed it earlier this week. If you can, post some pictures of the wedding when you return to USA Carry, ok?
Congrats Nug and new Bride. My wife and I also went to Niagara falls for are wedding night. have a great time.
Congratulations, your gift is in the mail . . . I sent it to "Mr and Mrs Nug c/o Niagra Falls Honeymoon Suite" Should be there before too long. :smile: Have a great week!
Good GOD why would you go and do a thing like that lol. The old ball and chain( now days it's a GPS unit embedded in your butt when you are a sleep on the honey moon) LOL j/k Good luck hope you are happy and this is the one and you don't end up with 10 of them down the road. As of this Aug 4th i have been married a year now ( yeah me lol) It takes work but if you really love each other it will last a life time...
Congratulations. I just took that plunge on Feb 29th of this year. Tried to get the celebrations to every four years but the misses didn't fall for it. Think of the ball and chain as an accessory.:wink:

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