Anyone Bought an M1 Garand from the CMP?


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I'm looking at purchasing a SA M1 Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. I'll probably travel down to Ohio and pick it out myself if that is an option. If anyone has previously purchased through the CMP or knows anyone that has, could you give me your incite? Thanks!


Congrats on your decision! i myself just went out to ohio about 2 weeks ago! it was a great whirlwind trip. left wed. night, and got there early in the morning. there were only 2 people in line. so first off, get there early, cuz they usually open a little early. second have all your paperwork done when you get there. it's a whole lot easier. there was a guy there when i went that didn't have all his ducks in a row. he went through the racks, found 2 rifles he wanted and then found there was a problem with his paperwork. he couldn't get them. so make sure you have it all done.

i got a great SA field grade (which is all they had--but a lot of them). i pretty well lucked out. wasn't expecting to find a ww2 but i searched the racks for a low serial #. wound up with a 797xxx! it was made in august 1942. shoots perfectly for a 67 year old rifle!

hope that helps a little.
Thanks chickflix that helps out a lot. Is the shop located on the base there? Just wondering. Hope to get lucky like you but i won't hold my breath. I just want to get one before they disappear.
no problem my friend. it's right on the base there. just turn when you see the lighthouses. my gps, (which is officially retarded) told me to keep going. i went to the other end of the base, and had to turn around.

also hand in your drivers license and get a muzzle gauge. since there were about 50-60 SA, i narrowed down my search by looking for stocks that had the P in the circle, and the armory mark on the side. then it was down to looking at serial #'s. the guys that work there are GREAT. they were a lot of help. once you make your selection(s)...:pleasantry:...take it up to the counter, and they'll tell you all about your rifles. and buy as much ammo you can afford to feed this hungry beast! i burned through half a spam can at the range the first time. Reload!!!!

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