anybody with a CZ-82 ?


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what do you think of it? i am thinking of trying to get one..

Nice gun

My girl friend has one and it is one fine gun. holds a very nice tight patern and she has no problem with it feeding anything she put through it. I like it as well. I do not think you can go wrong with one.
I have one. Very nice pistol for what you pay for it. Obviously, 9x18 is not the ultimate caliber, but I would feel safe carrying it. Any specific questions for free to ask.

If you are going to get one and don't already have a Curio and Relic license, get one. It took about a month from the ATF. With a C&R lic they will ship to directly to your door any firearm that is C&R eligible. I ordered mine from Aimsurplus and it looked like it had never been issued. They charged about $30 to ship it.

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Yes Aim is a nice place to get stuff from I order a Moson from them and it is a very nice rifle. I may order the SKS from them as well.
Is there a site that predominantly sells C&R-eligible guns of all kinds? Some people on gunbroker, etc will only go through an FFL. I'd like a store with a good selection that is very C&R-friendly.

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